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Firefist was an enemy of Blue Beetle.

Lyle Byrnes was a Chicago lab researcher specializing in the field of pyrotechnics, when one of his experiments went wrong, and his laboratory exploded, trapping Byrnes beneath the blazing the wreckage. Byrnes was barely conscious when the firemen arrived to deal with the blaze. Unfortunately, the firemen could not hear Byrnes's muffled cries for help over the roar of the fire and no one came to save him. Driven mad by the pain, Byrnes became convinced that the firemen had abandoned him intentionally, and swore to avenge himself if he survived. Moments later, the floor beneath Byrnes collapsed, dropping him to safety, and the fire-ravaged Byrnes staggered away to plan his revenge.

His face hideously scarred by the fire, Byrnes decided to show the people of Chicago just how inept their precious Fire Department really was. To this end, he designed an asbestos costume to hide his ruined face, outfitted the costume with shoulder-tanks filled with the legendary Greek Fire, a blazing liquid that could not be extinguished until it burned itself out, and thus became Firefist, determined to burn Chicago to the ground. Firefist succeeded in burning several buildings before he crossed paths with the Blue Beetle. He and the Beetle ultimately fought on top of the roof of the newly erected Chicago Museum of Firefighting, which Byrnes planned on destroying it. Firefist was unmasked and attempted to flee in humiliation but the weakened roof beneath him gave way and he fell as his fire-tanks on his costume exploded from the heat.




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