Quote1 Just back off! All I want is my little girl and we'll get out of here and I'll let the rest go! Quote2
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Lyle Edwin was a desperate man encountered by Animal Man.

Lyle Edwin worked as a short order cook whose young daughter developed a serious case of cancer. For two years his daughter was in and out of the children's ward of a San Diego hospital before succumbing to the illness. After she died, Edwin became mentally unstable and grew convinced his daughter was still alive and being kept at the hospital. Three weeks after her death, Edwin went to the hospital with a gun and took the children's ward hostage, holding several child cancer patients and hospital staff members at gunpoint. Edwin physically restrained one child in front of him and demanded that the doctors bring his daughter back. One female staffer tried to talk him down, but to no avail.

The police, under the leadership of Detective Krenshaw, evacuated the hospital and created a perimeter around the building. After learning Edwin's identity and circumstances, they deemed it too dangerous to enter the building and try to negotiate. The superhero Animal Man, after hearing about the hostage situation on the news, arrived at the hospital and convinced Krenshaw to let him speak to Edwin. Animal Man sympathized with Edwin's situation and hoped he could resolve the situation peacefully and help the man.

Animal Man entered the ward asked Edwin to calm down and put the gun down, but Edwin refused. When Animal Man unmasked himself and trying to express his empathy by telling Edwin about his own daughter, Maxine. After trying to explain that his daughter was dead, Edwin fired two shots at Animal Man and shoved his child hostage aside. Animal Man summoned the power of a rhinoceros to deflect the shots, then charged toward Edwin after summoning the strength of an elephant, the speed of a cheetah and the bark of a dog. He punched Edwin hard enough to hurl him into a wall, where he dropped his gun. Nobody else was injured.

Once subdued, Edwin began to cry and apologize for taking the children hostage, insisting he just wanted his daughter back. Animal Man said he understood and, when Detective Krenshaw and his men arrived, told them that Edwin needed help. Edwin was arrested and taken into custody. Animal Man's eyes began to inexplicably bleed after the incident, but he did not appear injured and doctors were not able to immediately identify the cause.[1]



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