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Quote1.png I'm used to being ignored. 'Course, I'm usually invisible when it happens. Quote2.png
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Invisible Kid is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Lyle Norg's father, Lon Norg, is a Science Police officer who used to bring alien cell samples to Lyle every night, so he could experiment on them. When Lyle successfully created an invisibility serum, he also discovered that his father had planned to hand over Lyle's research to the Science Police all along. Lyle injected himself with the only existing serum and lied about it before he contacted Brainiac 5. Brainy invited Lyle to join the Legion. Lyle's father later discovered the truth and tried to make Lyle hand over the serum and quit the Legion.
The Legion later became outlawed and Lyle reneged and produced a blood sample for his father to use. The blood sample was encoded with a monitoring virus that gave the Legion access to the United Planets systemworks. Lyle has since then had the nickname "Brainiac 6".

Lyle did later betray Cosmic Boy's trust by revealing to Brainiac 5 that some members of the Legion had broken into Brainy's lab. He lied to the team by blaming it on the Shrinking Violet. Lyle and Shrinking Violet have since then made a deal to continue the ruse, but the Legionnaires have still had a hard time trusting him.

Lyle has recently lost an arm[1] when his flight ring exploded because of the Dominators' techno-organic virus. A wanderer named Kromak grafted on an alien arm on him to prevent him to bleed to death. However, at Metropolis hospital, they're growing him a new arm from his own DNA.[2]


  • Invisibility: Invisible Kid can turn himself and his clothing invisible at will. His invisibility cloaks himself from many types of detection: ocular, auditory and telepathic.


  • Chemistry: Lyle is a genius with a skill for xeno chemistry.


  • Power Limitation: Although unseen, Lyle can be located by means of radar, hypersensitive hearing or by being covered in fluorescent dust. He cannot turn objects he is carrying invisible.




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