Lyle Talbot (b. February 8, 1902 – d.March 2, 1996) portrayed George Pierce in the 15 chapter Columbia 1947 serial The Vigilante: Fighting Hero of the West. He later portrayed Commissioner Gordon in the 1949 serial Batman and Robin. He also portrayed Atom Man in 1950 serial Atom Man vs. Superman, which was later revealed to be a scientist named "Luthor".

Pictured: Lyle Talbot as Commissioner Gordon from Batman and Robin

Work History

Acting Credits

The Vigilante 1947-1947 George Pierce/X-1
     "The Vigilante Rides Again" 1947 George Pierce/X-1
     "Mystery of the White Horses" 1947 George Pierce/X-1
     "Double Peril" 1947 George Pierce/X-1
     "Desperate Flight" 1947 George Pierce/X-1
     "In the Gorilla's Cage" 1947 George Pierce/X-1
     "Battling the Unknown" 1947 George Pierce/X-1
     "Midnight Rendezvous" 1947 George Pierce/X-1
     "Blasted to Eternity" 1947 George Pierce/X-1
     "The Fatal Flood" 1947 George Pierce/X-1
     "Danger Ahead" 1947 George Pierce/X-1
     "X-1 Closes In" 1947 George Pierce/X-1
     "Death Rides the Rails" 1947 George Pierce/X-1
     "The Trap that Failed" 1947 George Pierce/X-1
     "Closing In" 1947 George Pierce/X-1
     "The Secret of the Skyroom" 1947 George Pierce/X-1
Batman and Robin 1949-1949 Commissioner Gordon
     "Batman Takes Over" 1949 Commissioner Gordon
     "Tunnel of Terror" 1949 Commissioner Gordon
     "Robin's Wild Ride" 1949 Commissioner Gordon
     "Batman Trapped" 1949 Commissioner Gordon
     "Robin Rescues Batman" 1949 Commissioner Gordon
     "Target - Robin" 1949 Commissioner Gordon
     "The Fatal Blast" 1949 Commissioner Gordon
     "Robin Meets the Wizard" 1949 Commissioner Gordon
     "The Wizard Strikes Back" 1949 Commissioner Gordon
     "Batman's Last Chance" 1949 Commissioner Gordon
     "Robin's Ruse" 1949 Commissioner Gordon
     "Robin Rides the Wind" 1949 Commissioner Gordon
     "The Wizard's Challenge" 1949 Commissioner Gordon
     "Batman vs. Wizard" 1949 Commissioner Gordon
     "Batman Victorious" 1949 Commissioner Gordon
Atom Man vs. Superman 1950-1950 Atom Man
     "Superman Flies Again" July 20, 1950 Atom Man
     "Atom Man Appears" 1950 Atom Man
     "Ablaze In The Sky" 1950 Atom Man
     "Superman Meets Atom Man" 1950 Atom Man
     "Atom Man Tricks Superman" 1950 Atom Man
     "Atom Man's Challenge" 1950 Atom Man
     "At The Mercy Of Atom Man" 1950 Atom Man
     "Into The Empty Doom" 1950 Atom Man
     "Superman Crashes Through" 1950 Atom Man
     "Atom Man's Heat Ray" 1950 Atom Man
     "Luthor's Strategy" 1950 Atom Man
     "Atom Man Strikes" 1950 Atom Man
     "Atom Man's Flying Saucers" 1950 Atom Man
     "Rocket Of Vengeance" 1950 Atom Man
     "Superman Saves The Universe" 1950 Atom Man

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