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Lynx was a young Asian woman and member of a street gang known as the Ghost Dragons.

She was romantically involved with the gang's leader, Billy Hue. One evening, she entered a Paris nightclub known as Club Danger, where she encountered a young American named Tim Drake. She developed an interest in Tim and led him outside. However, Billy and the rest of the gang were present and he violently dragged Lynx away.[1]

Some time later, the Ghost Dragons' employer, Sir Edmund "the King Snake" Dorrance assigned Billy Hue the task of assassinating Robin and a rogue DEA agent named Clyde Rawlins. Billy failed to accomplish either task, and as a result, King Snake had him killed. He placed Lynx in charge of the Ghost Dragons and assigned her the task that Billy failed to complete.[2]

Lynx encountered Robin again at an airfield in Hong Kong. She tried to take him down, but Robin succeeded in evading capture. She reported back to King Snake about the mission, but failed to tell the truth about her failure to sanction Robin and Clyde Rawlings.[3] King Snake, brooking no tolerance for failure, was more merciful on Lynx than he was on Billy Hue. He only removed her left eye.[4] As part of King Snake's plans, Lynx travelled to Gotham, where she was eventually stopped and captured by Robin.[5]

During Gotham's great gang war, Lynx allowed Penguin to use her as a mercenary for hire in an auction for gang leaders.[6] As leader of the Ghost Dragons, Lynx led them towards the East Side Clinic in order to take over the place. Lynx was confronted by Batgirl and was forced to fall into a trance to acquire the dragon snake fighting spirit in order to defeat her. However, Batgirl was able to fight back, despite her special ability. Lynx was seriously, and apparently fatally, wounded by accident when one of her henchmen swung a sword towards Batgirl, but instead hit Lynx on the back of her head.[7]

Lynx was later seen alive. After the fall of King Snake's empire in Hong Kong, Lynx returned to the Ghost Dragons and began establishing inroads into Gotham City. However, she was tragically killed while on this endeavor, and her mantle of Lynx was taken by another.[8]


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