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Lyrissa Mallor was the planetary champion of the planet Talok VIII.

As champion, she gained the mystical ability to manipulate darkness and use it as a weapon. When the Dominators arrived to conquer the planet, Lyrissa offered herself up as a slave so that they would spare her planet. Fortunately, her slavery would not last long. With the help of Vril Dox II and Captain Comet, she rebelled against the Dominators and fought against them during their invasion of Earth.

Later, Lyrissa would accept an invitation from Dox to join his newly-formed intergalactic police force, L.E.G.I.O.N.. Over the course of her tenure with the L.E.G.I.O.N. she made enemies with the Computer Tyrants of Colu. The Computer Tyrants, eager for revenge, tracked down her daughter Lydea, brainwashed her, and sent her to kill her mother. This devious plan was a success and Lyrissa was killed.


  • Talokite Physiology: As a non-terrestrial being, a Talokite's body chemistry is different from that of a normal human, providing them with different physical attributes, such as the ability to exist in the vacuum of space longer than a normal human.



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