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Lady Lys is demon royalty, daughter of Lord Arux, who lives in the land of Effrul.

She represents differents vices, such as sex and addiction.

As royalty, she spends her days enjoying carnal pleasures without any kind of regret. In search of novelty she took the soul of a condemned, Cristopher Rudd to mate with her. She was struck with him, and presented him to her family, and became a servant for them. When Rudd discovered that the drug that the demons were consuming called Pain, was in fact, extracted from souls, he was disgusted because they weren't really absorbing real pain, just a fraction of it. Lys forced him to inhale Pain and raped him. For this, Rudd talked with the damned, told them about their loves lost, and their perdition, and created an special batch of Pain. He gave it to Lys, and she experimented an unique pain, guilt and sorrow. She felt human for a moment. After this, a rebellion against his father with the slogan 'Effrul for Lucifer' was in progress -not that Lucifer had any part on it- and she saw how Rudd protected Arux, and thus, gained his favor. She could not touch him again, as Rudd was named Duke of Glym, and so she was forbidden to enact a revenge against him.[1]

One year later, Lucifer was meant to have a duel with Amenadiel in Effrul. Lucifer stayed in Glym, with Rudd, and Amenadiel in Effrul, with Arux untill the date of the duel. Lys overheard her father planning to fix the battle in favor of Heaven, and went to Rudd with this information. Rudd used the information to give the advantage to Lucifer, and as Arux tried to fix the duel, he was punished by Remiel. He conserved his life only because Rudd asked to be pardoned. Lys then became Lady of Effrul.[2]

Some time later, Lys tried to betray Rudd with the help of Remiel, as the human was spreading a new doctrine in Hell that was against was Remiel currently doing in Hell. Remiel was about to condemn him to divide his soul in thousands of pieces, but Duma forbid this, and gave him the key's of Hell, making his doctrine now the current one of Hell.[3]

Lys tried again to take revenge against Rudd, but was unsuccessful. For this, Rudd sentenced her to be captive in her castle until she repented. For her father, and for the feelings that she has for him, and that he made her feel with Pain, she could not forgive him, and so she keep exiled in her castle.[4]



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