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Lysandra is a member of the Green Lantern Corps.


A spiritual guide on her home planet, Lysandra made a sacred vow never to leave her world. She was excommunicated after she was forced to go off-planet because of her duties as a Green Lantern. She returned to her planet and now refuses to leave, but she has yet to be welcomed back into her church.

Lysandra was from Zintha, an icy world settled eons ago by the survivors of a space war. In the years since, their law against returning to the stars evolved into a religion. To even gaze at the stars was considered blasphemy. Even though her religion forbade her, Lysandra could not help but feel the call of the stars. One night, she looked up to see a blazing green star fall from the sky. The visitor from space was the Green Lantern Ard Rennat from Cyc, mortally wounded during a battle in deep space. He knew of the ways of Zintha's people, who fear and shun space travelers, but he also knew that Lysandra was without fear. Dying, he passed the ring onto Lysandra, along with the knowledge of the power. Lysandra saved the Temple of Thar from an avalanche, and was believed to be an agent of their god. They accepted her aid because the green of the Corps uniform is the color of living things, the color of life. A priest realized who she was, and Lysandra asked the priest to keep her true identity a secret. In the coming days, she would protect and rescue many of her people.

On her 47th day as a Green Lantern, Lysandra felt drained of her energy and blacked out. She had then been summoned to Oa, on which Lysandra believed she had been compelled to sin by leaving Zintha, and wished to no longer be a Green Lantern. However, the Guardians of the Universe explained to her that only her energy duplicate was on Oa. Her real body was still on Zintha. She explained to the Guardians that the Word of Thar would not allow her to leave Zintha to patrol a space sector. The Guardians reached a decision that she would remain a Green Lantern, but exclusively on Zintha. Her energy duplicate instantaneously returned to her body and she then answered a call from the chief priests of Zintha. The automatic machines of Zintha's scientists had discovered that their sun, now a cooling star, would soon go nova, destroying Zintha. Lysandra believed the only way they could save themselves without leaving Zintha was by moving the planet itself. The people of Zintha channeled their wills into Lysandra's power battery. As their wills focused, the planet moved. Lysandra felt a searing pain in her head as she was being ordered to stop the movement of Zintha from someone off-world.[1]

She called for the off-worlder to stand with her on Zintha. The attacker appeared to be the Green Lantern from Cyc, but was actually to be his successor, Spol (also from Cyc), who had been given a power ring by the Guardians. He did not know the Guardians had assigned two Green Lanterns to Sector 47 and Spol had been assigned to correct Zintha's change of orbit. Lysandra blocked him from completing his task and the two went to a distant mountain to discuss the dilemma. He explained that the sun was not going nova, but that it was a living being about to give birth and that the movement of the planet would cause an imbalance fatal to the living star. Lysandra flew back to the temple and seized the power battery, which her people had been concentrating their willpower on, to move the planet. She had no time to explain, and she flew off with the battery. The collective willpower was difficult to fight. Lysandra then charged her ring from the battery, which enabled her to break free of her people's grasp as Spol re-established Zintha's orbit. Lysandra explained to her people that she did not betray them and that they should look up to the sky to witness a sacred event. For the first time in eons, the Zinthians looked towards the heavens. The people of Zintha witnessed the birth of a new sun. On the surface of Zintha, the two suns warmed the planet, and new life sprouted from the ground as Zintha was reborn.

Lysandra met once more with Spol as he told her of her people's past. Eons ago, Lysandra's ancestors migrated to Zintha after a space war had killed most of their race and they swore to avoid future war by never again traveling to the stars. Thar invited them to live on Zintha.[2] Whether or not the Zinthians returned to the stars has yet to be told.

Emerald Twilight

Years later, after the destruction of the Green Lantern Corps, Lysandra was one of scores of powerless Green Lanterns captured as part of an interstellar slave ring. She and the rest of the Green Lanterns were rescued by Guy Gardner.[3]




"As I touch this battery,
flow the power into me.
Guide my hand, my heart, my soul...
make right and justice my lasting goal!
In the name of Thar...Amen!"[4]

  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.
  • Lysandra's story is one of the first GL stories to deal with religion as it might apply to a member of the Green Lantern Corps.



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