M'yri'ah J'onzz was a female Green Martian born centuries ago on the planet Ma'aleca'andra. M'yri'ah was born the daughter of D'all. She was married to J'onn J'onzz and the couple lived in peace with their only daughter K'hym

M'yri'ah was present during the final days of the Green Martian civilization on Mars. Her mad brother-in-law, Ma'alefa'ak, orchestrated a telepathic plague that swept across the planet, killing all Green Martians who attempted to use their powers.

M'yri'ah's husband, J'onn, tried to keep her from using her ability, but she was unable to resist mentally reaching out to her ill daughter, K'hym. M'yri'ah contracted the plague (commonly referred to as H'ronmeer's Curse) and died soon after. J'onn was responsible for disposing of his wife's remains.[1]





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