M'yrnn was imprisoned by White Martians on Mars for nearly 200 Years, believing himself to be the last surviving Green Martian. After J'onn received a distress signal from M'gann M'orzz he returned to Mars along with Supergirl where he discovered his father was still alive. M'gann and her resistance forces were trying to locate the Staff of Kolar, a Staff of Martian legend, and were attempting to question M'yrnn about it's location and asked J'onn to question him about it, to no avail. Later, after J'onn Telepathically showed M'yrnn one of the memories that they share, M'yrnn finally believed J'onn was truely his son and led J'onn and the resistance to the Staff of Kolar. After fighting off White Martians and retrieving the Staff of Kolar M'yrnn gave the Staff to M'gann and returned to Earth with J'onn and Supergirl.




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