MAZE was a criminal organization that murdered people for a profit under blood money contracts.


Certain occasion, MAZE was required to murder a foreign Princess, but their efforts were thwarted by the combined forces Batgirl and Robin.[1] This confrontation would eventually lead to the capture of a large portion of MAZE at the hands of Batgirl and Robin, who posed in a fake wedding as part of the set-up.[2]

In an effort to improve their tactics, MAZE started using masked villains as part of their plots. First, they recruited David Corby, a young student from Hudson University and provided him with the necessary equipment to become "The Raven" and later, they started working with a young woman only known as The Card Queen, who posed as a hero to take away some of the loot from the criminals she "stopped". Unfortunately for MAZE, both villains were stopped by Robin and the news of this developments caused the leader of the organization to set a plan in motion to eliminate the Teen Wonder.[3]

MAZE was taken down entirely before they even could start their plan. The Card Queen was none other than Duela Dent, active member of the Teen Titans. She inflitrated MAZE as the Card Queen and provided Robin with the location of their headquarters in New Carthage. Using this information, Robin and the New Carthage Police Department showed up at the place and captured the entire organization, ending their criminal days.[4]

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