Ma'alefa'ak was the architect of an extinction-level event, which has since become known as H'ronmeer's Curse (or H'ronmeer's Plague). A plague of fire, this curse attacked Martians via their telepathic abilities. Whenever a Martian attempted to use their psionic gifts or commune with the Great Mind, they would fall victim to the Curse and ultimately burn to death. With the exception of Ma'alefa'ak's brother, J'onn and himself, nearly all Green Martians on the planet died as a result of Ma'alefa'ak's handiwork. For centuries, Ma'alefa'ak continued to live in the ruins of Mars, unaware that his brother had survived the plague, and had been transported through space and time to the planet Earth.

Several years ago, Ma'alefa'ak learned of J'onn's existence, and followed him to Earth in an effort to complete the genocide of the Martian race by destroying its last surviving son. The Martian Manhunter, however, foiled Ma'alefa'ak's efforts on several occasions.

During their earlier years, both Ma'Alefa'ak and J'onn underwent the ritual of G'amal'khul, in which each permanently exchanged a portion of their psyches with the other. Due to the ritual of G'amal'khul, the psychic remnant of Ma'alefa'ak living within J'onn J'onzz's mind managed to bury the similar remnants of his brother's wife and daughter. This fragment of Ma'alefa'ak then tormented his brother with twisted false memories of his life on Earth, his own persistent mental manifestation, and urges to drive the Martian Manhunter to suicide. The gambit briefly succeeded in sublimating J'onn's conscious self, allowing Ma'alefa'ak control of his physical body. But what this manifestation of Ma'alefa'ak did not count on was J'onn finally relocated his wife and daughter within himself, who assisted him in reasserting his psyche. This, combined with with the minds of the JLA, obliterated Ma'alefa'ak on the psychic plane.



  • Power Limitation: Malefic has no telepathy unlike most other Martians, having had it stripped from him while on Mars.

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