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Quote1.png Oh, but I am not your friend, mortal... I am Maaldor! I have lived... forever. I cannot recall a time when I was not-- Mayhap I was born at the instant of creation. I know not. Quote2.png
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Maaldor the Darklord was an ancient enemy from another dimension, an enemy of Earth-One Superman and several others.

Maaldor says he was born during Creation in a parallel dimension that contains a planet called Blimaar. Maaldor dedicated his long existence to conquer his own universe; when he did, he soon became bored and summoned Power Girl and Earth-One Superman; the villain blackmailed the Kryptonians to fight just by fun. The two heroes, even by using their full power, were unable to really win; but when Superman told that Maaldor would never win his own dark soul, the villain accepted the challenge and "searched his own essence". Maaldor became crazy about what he watched. According to Superman, "Maaldor's incredible life force spent all its energy in one cataclysmic burst... bridging the planes in an unthinkable way... such raw power was transformed in a new plane of existence. But it's a dimension of pure insanity, all that Maaldor witnessed in his eons-long life".[1]

Maaldor was believed killed when he attacked the Green Lantern Corps and absorbed most of the Corps and the main Power Battery. Lantern Arrkis used the ring energy of Tomar-Re, Katma Tui, Arisia, Xax, and Ch'p to combat him. In the end, he latched onto Maaldor and kept absorbing the green energy until he exploded, supposedly killing them both.[2]

The explosion only sent Maaldor back to his Dark Dimension.[3] During Crisis on Infinite Earths, he was part of a team alongside Mirror Master and Icicle in order to try to prevent Krona's experiment. Krona tricked them, causing an explosion to kill Maaldor and his colleagues.[4]



  • Maaldor is sometimes misnamed "Maldor" or "Maaldoor".
  • Maaldor is also known as the Darklord.