Maat Shadid was an Egyptian assassin and member of the Covenant of Ka who worked under the alias "Scarab".

Scarab was hired by Johnny Warlock to finding and kill the young person who could be Robin. She narrowed down the population of Gotham to a list of twelve possible Robins. Warren had her started killing the Robin candidates and their families, but she found no evidence linking any of those she killed to the masked crimefighter after their deaths.[1]

Later someone who looks suspiciously like her is assigned by Ra's al Ghul to produce an heir with Tim Drake after Tim passed the nearly fatal tests Ra's had set for him.[2] The corrupt GCPD detectives Marcus Wise and Roman Cavallo hired Maat soon after to assassinate Tim Drake.[3] When she prepared to snipe Tim during a Neon Knights announcement her shot ended up being non-fatal when Red Robin struck her from behind, it also helped that the one posing as him wouldn't have been inconvenienced by a bullet she was expecting anyway. Strangely Red Robin had been watching her waiting for her to take the shot from a position where she could have easily seen him.[3]

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During a worldwide assassination tournament in which Red Robin is listed as the target she managed to corner him along with her allies the Covenant of Ka but he disables their powered armor leaving them unable to move and she flees.[4][5] When he follows her she is able to blend into the crowd and escape while also protecting the identities of the members of her covenant as they are given time to escape.[5] Her mysterious look alike then has Tim abducted and brought to her in chains but her attempt to carry out her assignment and win the tournament by killing Tim was quickly cut short by Tim's sister Cassandra Cain.[5][6]



  • Battle Armor

  • She and her fellow assassin and participant in the Assassination Tournament Ra's half sister known only as a "Daughter of Acheron" are remarkably similar in appearance and wear their hair in the same cut.



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