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Mace Gardner, also known as Militia, is a mercenary working for the Quorum.

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Yesterday's Sins

Mace was born into a family of Irish immigrants. His father was drunk and abusive to his mother and his younger brother, Guy. After breaking several records in college football, Mace became a policeman.[1] When Guy started to come into conflict with the law, Mace pummeled him and told him to go straight. Guy took his advice and turned to the right side of the law, eventually becoming a Green Lantern.[2] When taking down a drug trafficker, Mace was shot and crippled from the waist down. Unable to cope with this, he attempted suicide by drowning. Mace's death hit his family hard: his father fell into a deep depression, and Guy moved away from his family.[3] But unbeknownst to his family, Mace survived.


Mace volunteered to join the Quorum to perform experiments. The organization faked his suicide and outfitted him with an exo-armor powered by relay satellites that allowed him to move. Now having superpowers, Mace became Militia, a vigilante and mercenary. Mace had a vendetta against his brother, and he gladly accepted the assignment to hunt and exterminate Guy, who was just accused of murder.[4] Militia fought Guy twice: once in Washington, which ended with both fighters running out of power[5], and a second match in the Arctic, where Mace revealed his identity to Guy. Mace was defeated this second time, thanks to Guy's ring charging up on the last second. With his armor destroyed, Mace ended up in a paralyzed state again.[6]

Guy's next encounter with Mace was when the monster Dementor took Mace hostage in a hellish dimension. Guy rescued him and saved his brother's soul. However, the Quorum took him away before he could regain consciousness.[7] Even later, a confrontation between Major Force, Guy, and Kyle Rayner led them to the Quorum's headquarters, where Major Force took Mace hostage and threatened to kill him. Honey tried to save Mace, but Major Force destroyed the machine that kept him alive, leaving him for dead.[8]

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