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Machinehead was a member of his world's mightiest superhero team the Retaliators.

When the Flashpoint occurred, it did more than change the history of Earth 0, it created cracks in the Multiverse that damaged other realities, including Earth 8, which became harder and darker as a result.[1]

Additionally, Earth 8 was invaded by an alternate reality. The heroes tried to fight them while preventing the civilians learning about it. They lost this “war in secret” and Machinehead was left disfigured, although it appears the invaders were eventually repelled.[2]

Seeing his teammate defeated by an unknown visitor, he warned him to get away from them while his whole team engaged against these strangers.

After they cleared things out, Machinehead and his team witnessed the hatching of the Genesis Egg by Lord Havok, summoning The Dark Monitor.[3] Machinehead joined Justice Incarnate and was a member in good stead for some time.

When the Supermen of the multiverse were being hunted by the Prophecy, the Justice League Incarnate met with Kal-El (New Earth) and Kal-L (Earth-30). Machinehead and The League warned the Supermen of the incoming danger and aided them to find Kong Kenan, the Super-Man of China.[4] The group returned to the House of Heroes, where Superman took the Ultima Thule to the Prophecy to enact his plan as bait, as well as creating a beacon where the other captured Supermen were taken.[5] The House later received a signal from the Thule, and Red Racer mentions to the group that was their only vessel and building another one would take thousands of years; so he sacrificed himself to build a new one, shocking everyone, but luckily his plan worked and they managed to save the Supermen.[6]

Machinehead later grew disllusioned with Justice Incarnate's goals of protecting the Multiverse; he came to the conclusion that all worlds in the Multiverse must be kept separate from each other in order to prevent further invasions and Crisises. This led him to secretly making a deal with Darkseid to help him achieve ultimate power in exchange for safety for his world. His deal was supported by the Retaliators.[7] Machinehead teamed up with the Lex Luthor of Earth 23 to develop the Carrier Arks, and killed him when he began to waver.[1] He also formed Injustice Incarnate, a team of heroes and villains dedicated to keeping the worlds of the Multiverse separate. He turned on his Justice Incarnate teammates and took over the House of Heroes.[2]

The Psycho-Pirate summoned Injustice Incarnate to Earth Omega to prevent the JSA of Earth 0 from freeing Barry Allen from the multiversal engine Darkseid was using to open the cracks in the Multiverse and access the power beyond. Machinehead responded and also brought the captured members of Justice Incarnate and the Batman of the Flashpoint Timeline with him, as he wanted personal revenge on Barry and Batman for what the Flashpoint had done to his world.[1]

President Superman managed to escape and free Barry from the engine. Barry disappeared and the crack in the Multiverse retreated from Earth Omega. Machinehead wanted to continue the fight, but Darkseid simply executed him.[8] His body was left in a state of dimensional flux between Earth Omega and Earth 8. Doctor Multiverse tried to recover his remains but could only retrieve his helmet.[7]





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