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Mackenzie "Hardback" Bock was a detective in the Gotham City Police Department. He later became chief of detectives.

No Man's Land

During No Man's Land, Bock amicably split from his GCPD allies to rally his old neighborhood. He set up an area of 100 blocks, from 5th to 15th, Mayfair down to the river, where he protected the survivors. This included training those fit to fight as well as getting supplies. However, that wasn't easy given the situation in Gotham at the time. He ended up seeking out the Penguin to get medicine for sick and wounded among the survivors. Cobblepot agreed to give them the tetracycline they needed provided their medic, Vanessa DeVries who was a vet before Gotham was declared a No Man's Land, looked after his pet birds. However, later on, further chaos in Gotham led to more injuries among the survivors. Now, real medical attention, unavailable in No Man's Land, was a must. To save them, DeVries and Bock had to return to Cobblepot and make another deal to get the wounded and children out of Gotham. Cobblepot agreed, but at the cost of Bock battling it out with Angel, a deadly fighter and member of the Gotham Militia gang who had bad history with Bock. After Bock won the fight, Bock, with Robin's assistance, got the wounded out of Gotham via a secret underground railroad while under attack by the Gotham Militia. Then, Bock returned to No Man's Land to continue his vigilance over his 100 blocks.




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