Macklin "Mac" Arnot is an officer of the Bludhaven Police Department.

He went through the police academy at the same time as Dick Grayson, who was suspicious of Arnot's lackadaisical attitude. A quick background check revealed Arnot to be a petty criminal with strong ties to several of Bludhaven's organized crime factions.

Shortly after his graduation, Arnot introduced himself to Chief Wallace Ebersol, whom he expected to confirm Arnot's immediate promotion to the rank of Inspector, while Grayson and other new graduates were made ordinary officers. Ebersol was confused, saying the Bludhaven Police Department did not have "Inspectors". Arnot explained that his predecessor was Dudley Soames, and the rank marked its holder as a "liaison" between the Department and organized crime (in a police force as corrupt as Bludhaven's, such a position had become a semi-official fixture). Arnot made clear, with a veiled threat to Ebersol's family, that he expected the Chief to confirm his new rank as quickly as possible.

Grayson, as Nightwing, observed Arnot "investigating" several bizarre crimes in his new role, which was both comical and depressing to watch, since Arnot possessed no detective skills, knew nothing about police work, and missed several obvious clues.

Arnot was held hostage by Soames (now the deformed villain Torque) and escaped an exploding building with Nightwing's help (though he put it all down to his own courage and ingenuity).



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