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Macro-Man was the name attributed to an artificial construct developed on the planet, Apokolips.

Darkseid instructed his servant, Doctor Bedlam, to create the Macro-Man identity and download his own consciousness into the body. Darkseid employed Macro-Man as the second phase of a plot to deconstruct Earth's legends known as Operation: Humiliation. Macro-Man was encased inside of a Techno-seed and delivered to Earth via Boom-Tube.

As his name implies, Macro-Man grew to a height in excess of three stories and began rampaging through the streets of Fawcett City under the guise of a common Earth-based super-villain. Fawcett City's resident super-hero, Captain Marvel, sprang into action and faced Macro-Man head-on. Macro-Man's physical might was an even match for Marvel's own mystic prowess and he quickly caught the super-hero in the grip of his hand.

Macro-Man 0002

Macro-Man is killed.

Captain Marvel called upon the wisdom of Solomon and deduced that were he to transform back into his mortal guise as Billy Batson, he might be able to wriggle his way between Macro-Man's fingers and free himself. Marvel shouted the magic word, "Shazam" and called down the mystical lightning bolt to change into Billy Batson. The lightning bolt struck both he and Macro-Man. Macro-Man instantly ignited into a column of flame and fell from the top of the skyscraper they had been fighting upon to his doom. Horrified by the notion that his super-powers are now responsible for the death of another, Billy Batson vowed to never change into Captain Marvel ever again.

In truth, Captain Marvel's mystic lightning had nothing at all to do with Macro-Man's destruction. A hidden detonation switch had been installed within the android and triggered by Darkseid at the exact moment that the mystic lightning struck Captain Marvel.

Upon the destruction of Macro-Man's artificial body, the consciousness of Doctor Bedlam instantaneously downloaded itself into a surrogate clone body. However, the experience of burning to death was too intense for the Apokoliptian's mind, and he fell into a state of catatonia. With time, Doctor Bedlam eventually recovered from the shock, and resumed his traditional duties as a servant of Darkseid.




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