Mad Dog was a bounty hunter who is working for "a big league" who pays his bills. He was sent after the Suicide Squad to get a new born baby back. He knows the true identity of Deadshot and he was surprised to see him as a part of the Suicide Squad because he thought Deadshot was in Belle Reve.

Deadshot identified him as a bounty hunter after "the package," which is also the object of the Suicide Squads's mission in the Astrodome.

While using thermal vision on his mask to see through smoke, Mad Dog shot Black Spider in the chest and blew up a diner with Black Spider and El Diablo inside. Before he could fire anymore shots and steal "the package", Harley Quinn released gas into the room to prevent further gunfire.

Mad Dog and his team found Deadshot and Harley Quinn at their hideout and chase them inside. Harley once again turned on the gas to prevent any gunfire inside the hideout. They evacuated the building which then explodes



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