Mad Mod is a British villain obsessed with artificially regaining his youth. He is a villain of the Teen Titans.

Mad Mod attempted to use a time machine shaped like a British telephone box in order to reset the world to the 1960s so he could regain his youth. However, the Teen Titans opposed him. Right when the machine reached the 60s, Robin broke the machine with one of his birdarangs, sending Robin and Mad Mod deep into the future. [1]

Mad Mod would be returned to the present and incarcerated. Later though, Mad Mod was magically freed from his prison cell in Jump City to attend the marriage ceremony of Mumbo and Mother Mae-Eye. However, the ceremony was stopped by the Teen Titans. [2]


  • Gadgetry: Mad Mod is capable of building his own world-altering time machine and his own robotic soldiers.[3]



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