Mad Mod was a British criminal with a hand-crafted high tech cane that can drain a person's youth and add it to his own. He operated in England for years before turning his sights onto the upstart young group of scallywags known as the Teen Titans.

Mad Mod

Kidnapping the group of super-hero teens by unknown means, he bonded them into power specific chairs with the intention of reprogramming their minds to be suitable British lads and lasses instead of the rabble rousing American children they were now. As the Titans free themselves and go after Mad Mod they realize that despite the appearance of reality changing and hypnotic powers it was all a ruse. They tear down the establishment around them and reveal an elderly man sitting behind a computer screen and talking into a microphone. They leave England and Mad Mod's "school" whilst throwing him into jail.


Mad Mod escapes from jail sometime later to exact his revenge on the Titans. Knowing full well that they were able to figure out his tricks and not look directly into the hypnotic screens (something Beast Boy failed to remember) he devised a new plan to stop them. Using his trademark cane, he stormed Jump City and begins to rudely interrupt their merriment. Seemingly rearranging the entirety of the city to his whim and reducing Robin to an elderly age, Mod finally seemed to have the upper hand. However, the Teen Titans were able to defeat Mad Mod with specifically planned teamwork. Employing their own American brand of trickery, they fooled Mad Mod into an elaborate speech and distracted him long enough to steal his cane and bring Robin back to fighting form. Returning Mad Mod to his elderly age they sent him back to jail.

Joining the Brotherhood

Sometime later, Mad Mod joined the Brotherhood of Evil. The villain must have sucked the youth out of another victim because he is his younger self while at the underground base in France. When the Teen Titans arrive, Mod is beaten like every other villain and is cryogenically frozen.

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Old Mad Mod

Mad Mod's true self: an old, bitter man.

  • Deception: Mad Mod found a way to kidnap and trick every single member of the Teen Titans without their knowing. He convinced them that his stage antics are in fact reality on multiple occasions.
  • Electrical Engineering: Mad Mod's proficiency in electric components has allowed him a more than just keen level of skill with item creations such as his body switching cane and various televisions.
  • Gadgetry: A master of technology, everything Mad Mod makes he knows how to control down to each and every nut and bolt.
  • Mechanical Engineering: One of Mad Mod's finer skills is the ability to create massive stage-like devices and scenarios. Even changing an entire mansion into a maze of trickery and hypnotic screens.
  • Robotic Engineering: Often overlooked by their lack of intelligence. Mad Mod's robotic creations are always deadly and dangerous, even requiring the full teamwork of the Teen Titans to take one down.
  • Driving
  • Firearms



  • Mad Mod's Cane


  • Mo-Ped: Mad Mod has shown to have a mo-ped that he uses to make his quick getaway.[1]



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