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Madame Butterfly was an enemy of the Blackhawk Squadron.

Madame Butterfly was a Japanese woman, her true identity unknown. During the War, her lover, intelligence officer Mitsamo, was killed alongside Admiral Yamamoto. She developed a hatred for the West and made a name for herself as the most dangerous woman in the East with her gang, the Caterpillar Legion. No-one ever saw her face, though she often participated in plots in her butterfly-shaped yellow plane.

One of her many plots was robbing mineral prospectors on islands in the Pacific. This brought the Blackhawk Squadron on her tail. She outmaneuvered them in the air, but Blackhawk followed her underlings to their hideout. He was captured and set to be executed with a special fungus growth. Madame Butterfly rallied her troops against the other Blackhawks, allowing Blackhawk to escape. With her underlings falling like flies and the Blackhawks closing in, she chose to kill herself with her fungus rather than be arrested.



  • Fungus: Madame Butterfly used a fungus that could grow very fast, and envelop people in "cocoons".


  • butterfly-shaped airplane



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