Quote1 In the 1700's there was a pirate captain named Madame Langrock, who was feared more than any other. It was said the sea was on her side. Her power was rumored to come from a Black Pearl ring she wore-- a pearl rife with magic. Quote2
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Madame Langrock was a notorious sea pirate feared as a modern Calypso in the early 1700's.

Legend stated that she was of Atlantean origin. She possessed a deadly mystical relic, the Black Pearl, which gave her power over the seven seas themselves. Through it, she was able to bend the waters and waves to her will, using its power to aid in her grand larceny across the world.[1]

She would eventually earn the ire of both the surface world and Atlantis of old, culminating in a war in which she lost. With her and her entire crew being banished to the penal dimension of Xebel where she would eventually perish over the course of time. Before her capture, Langrock hid her item of power within a hidden cove, protected by a vicious guardian in the event anyone would attempt to steal it.





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