Maddy is an enchantress with incredible power, who went by many names over hundreds of years. Her more famous guises were probably as the goddess Madea, and the dark witch, Sycorax.

Preferring the current form of a black cat with a devil tail, Maddy is a member of the 13th Floor Witches. She volunteered to spy on Mister Dark, who even with all his power, could not detect her presence.


  • Immortality: As a Fable, Maddy is effectively immortal, with a lifespan that goes back several hundred years
  • Metamorphosis: Maddy can take any shape she pleases, often spending several years in that form.


  • Maddy can remain undetectable for as long as she wishes, and no known power could find her.

  • Maddy and Prospero have a history with each other, back when she was known as Sycorax. It's unknown if he's aware of her new identity, though the Pre-Amnesty agreement would make it illegal for either of them to act on old grudges.



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