Madeline Benoir spent most of her life as the "responsible" twin of the artist Judith Benoir, putting her own dreams of becoming an accomplished playwright on hold to make sure the bills were paid while her sister played around with such figures as Andre Breton, Man Ray, and Ernest Hemingway.

But all that changed when one of Judith's would-be admirers, Mathieu Arbogast, brutally attacked and raped her. Judith died from her wounds, and Maddy swore to avenge her twin. She thus adopted the guise of the Creeper, a terrifying figure inspired by one of Judith's paintings.

As the Creeper, Maddy waged a campaign of terror against the Arbogast family, hoping to force the family to stop protecting Mathieu from the authorities. In the process, she endeared herself to the Surrealists, who encouraged her to create even more chaos.

Things got out of hand one night, however, resulting in the death of a young girl, Collette, and soon the whole of Paris was seeking the Creeper's head. Horrified at what she'd done, Maddy Benoir staged one final act, kidnapping Mathieu Arbogast and forcing him to pose as the Creeper and sign a confession before grabbing him and taking an apparently fatal plunge from the Eiffel Tower.

Afterwards, Judith Benoir's body was found buried in a flowerbed, the police decided that Mathieu Arbogast was the Creeper, and the rest of the Arbogast family was forced to flee Paris. Madeline Benoir's fate is unknown; though she was presumed to have died in the plunge from the Eiffel Tower, her body was never found.


The Creeper possessed above average agility and a keen mind for causing spectacles.