Mlle. Marie was a legendary military hero of France in World War II. She had been a love interest to Sgt. Rock and mothered a child named Julia Remarque with Alfred Pennyworth. It was later revealed that Marie is a codename used by many French heroes. This includes Elisabeth Saint-Marie of the 18th Century and Margaux de Mortain of the 19th Century. Marie Salomon used the alias during World War I. Several women used it during World War II including Zoe Magnier, Simone Michel-Levy, Sabine Roth and most prominently Anais Guillot. Josephine Tautin later took the name as a member of Checkmate. Mademoiselle Marie was created by Robert Kanigher and Jerry Grandenetti, first appearing in Star-Spangled War Stories #84. (1959)

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