Madison was the girlfriend of Virgil Hawkins

Madison was introduced to Virgil Hawkins by Frieda Goren. She started dating him, their relationship being rather enjoyable, but not quite perfect. She was very jealous of Frieda's best friend status with Virgil, at one point expressing ire when Frieda picked up the phone at his house instead of Virgil himself and accusing him of making time only for her before hanging up in anger.[1] Later on, while waiting for a line to move at the mall, Madison speaks with Frieda in private and makes it clear that she disagrees with how close Frieda is to her boyfriend even if they are best friends. When Frieda talks back to her, Madison makes a distasteful comment about how she would feel if she was after her boyfriend, referencing the late Larry Wade.[2]

Madison attended the Welcome Home party of Virgil's Uncle Teshome and was there for him during the latter's funeral, insisting that he allow her to stand by him and not shut her out.[3]

When Virgil had gone missing for a long period of time (because he was a victim of the Dark Side Club), Madison moved on. When he finally returned to Dakota City, she made as much clear via a text message.[4] Not accepting this, Virgil shows up at her doorstep to make amends, but she coldly slams the door in his face.[5]



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