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The Madmen are a colorfully-clad group of acrobatic thugs that are enemies of Blue Beetle.


First formed by Farley Fleeter, the Madmen have been a thorn in Blue Beetle's side since the beginning of his career. The Madmen are mostly small-time villains and have been hired by other villains to act as henchmen. After an accident gave Fleeter the power to mentally control anyone he touches, the Madmen's ranks have risen and fallen as Fleeter saw fit. There have been occasions when Madmen work without Fleeter's involvement but most often he runs the show.

The Madmen recently fought Red Robin in Gotham City, the latter having found out that they had been turned into living servers by Darkseid for the supervillain communications grid known as the Unternet. After an extended battle, Red Robin was forced to hook them up to the city's power-grid, which resulted in them being rendered catatonic, and in turn shutting down the Unternet. They were later taken to S.T.A.R. Labs for examination.[1]


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