Quote1 I'm not sorry to say that I'm sending you home empty-handed, Maelstrom. You seem like a very disturbed woman. Quote2
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Maelstrom was an Apokoliptian soldier. After spending most of her childhood in Granny Goodness' Section Zero she started working as a guard keeping watch over Darkseid's minions.

Obsessively and secretly in love with Darkseid, Maelstrom sought out ways to get her King fall for her. Eventually Maelstrom came up with the idea of bringing Superman's head to Darkseid. In order to achieve her goal, Maelstrom stole a Boom Tube and travelled to Earth, starting a rampage in Metropolis. Her path of destruction drew Supergirl's attention. Maelstrom managed to beat Supergirl, but she was sent back to Apokolips by Superman.[1]

In punishment by stealing a Boom tube generator, Maelstrom was tortured and forced to fight for her life in the Terrorium arena for Darkseid's amusement. Maelstrom blattled and defeated four Gladiortrons, the whole time proclaiming her love towards Darkseid. Darkseid wasn't amused and she was thrown in the slave pits.[2]

Still, Darkseid thought her obsession could provide him some amusement if he gave her false hopes which would be inevitably crushed. So, he allowed her to return to Earth, claiming he'd consider to make her his personal slave if she succeeded in killing Superman, but failure would lead to her banishment forever. So Supergirl didn't interfere again, she was escorted by the Female Furies.[3]

Maelstrom and the Furies got to level Metropolis again,[4] but they were stopped by both Kryptonian cousins. Maelstrom was defeated by Supergirl, who banished her to another world.[5]


Alien Physiology




  • Long-ranged blaster



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