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Maeve Tavana is the former lead singer of the band Black Canary.

Maeve's parents came from England. The family didn't have much money, but they thought Maeve had promise. Maeve left her family when it was clear to her that she was becoming nothing but a commodity to them. For a time, she supported herself as a street performer. What money she earned, she invested it wisely, to be the best -- always be the best.

She secured a place in a band with Lord Byron and Paloma Terrific by audition. She originally named the band Alias Insane, the true meaning of which she never shared with her two bandmates. It was a joke her dad used to make about her. Giving the band that name was her way of taking it back. She wanted her father to see it one day and know that Maeve had beaten him.

The band slayed the crowds every time they took the stage. Despite the magic of being a performer, Maeve held very strict standards -- leading to conflict with the studio executives. The executives bought her out of her contract rather than continuing to work with her. After seeing her replacement, D.D., whom she viewed as awkward, horrible, and undeserving of praise, her band, and her things, she set fire to the studio's costumes. While everyone was making for the exits, Maeve saw D.D. use her superhuman scream to put out the fire.

Maeve kidnapped Ditto from Black Canary in a deal with Amanda Waller to secure a superhuman scream like D.D.[1]

Bo is the word for commander in her mother's native tongue.[1]



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