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Magaan Van'n was asked by Kyle Rayner to be a member of his new Green Lantern Corps.

Magaan Van'n Intraktus was a warlord and chieftain of the Van'n clan. He led his clan for dominance of his world, leading a continuous war against all those that would seek to destroy his clan. Eventually, the Van'n clan were completely surrounded and outnumbered by their enemies. However, Kyle Rayner, the last Green Lantern, arrived and helped the Van'n, believing them to be victims and driving back their enemies. Recognizing the Green Lantern's incredible powers, Magaan quickly aligned with Rayner. At the time, Rayner was seeking new recruits for his reformed Green Lantern Corps after its decimation by the Parallax-possessed Hal Jordan. Rayner saw Magaan as an ideal candidate for the Corps and gave him a power ring. Together, Magaan and Rayner defeated the Council of Clan's forces that had been sent to destroy them. After vanquishing their foes, Magaan honored Rayner as a honorary member of the Van'n clan.

After Rayner departed, Magaan took the opportunity to rule his planet and establishing the Second Van'n Imperium. His first act was the creation of Phothus, a gigantic computer brain which was charged with the moving of the Van'n homeworld through massive engines that were fueled by Magaan's own power ring. Magaan moved this planet-ship to a gravity well near a black hole where time itself was slowed. This allowed Magaan the time to build his forces into a loyal and mighty army, and to master his power ring; in which he was well-aware that he will betray and fight the Green Lantern Corps. Once ready, Magaan began his galactic conquest by moving the planet-ship to other star systems and unleashing a powerful anti-matter storm which obliterated everything in its path.

The devastation of the anti-matter storm drew the attention of Kyle Rayner and his Green Lantern recruits. Magaan and his forces, armed with yellow spectrum weapons, fought Rayner. Unknown to Magaan, Rayner's power ring was unaffected to the color yellow. Furthermore, Rayner distracted Magaan in their battle in order to allow the other Green Lanterns to stop the planet-ship and even enlist the Phothus computer, which had become self-aware and was willing to turn against its creators. Rayner defeated Magaan and stripped him of his ring. However, Magaan had a contingency plan in case Phothus turned against him by having an ion cannon to fire into the planet's already unstable core. Thus, Magaan intended to die with his planet along with his enemies. But the Green Lanterns created a powerful shield which protected them from the planet's self-destruction and leaving Magaan the last survivor of the Van'n. Magaan was then taken into custody. Because of Magaan's actions, Kyle Rayner temporarily abandoned his plans to build a new Green Lantern Corps due to lacking the experience to select recruits who can potentially become villains or outright tyrants.







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