Quote1.png Maggie's not here now, CAT-DEMON! You changed my sister, so I changed, TOO! Quote2.png
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Magdalene "Maggie" Kyle is the sister of Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman.

Maggie used to be a nun at the Immaculate Virgin Mission, near the Gotham City East End. She managed to get in touch with her sister, even though they had chosen very different paths. When Selina's personal vendetta against her former pimp, Stan started, Maggie was kidnapped by the crook, who tried to get to Selina through her sister. Maggie was eventually rescued by Catwoman and Batman and she returned to her convent. Afterwards, Selina realized the dangerous nature of her lifestyle and she left her young friend Holly under the care of Maggie at the convent.[1]

Years later, Maggie stopped being a nun and married Simon Burton. Black Mask kidnapped her and her husband in an attempt to get at Catwoman. He drilled out Simon's eyeballs and fed them to Maggie, which drove her insane. Selina killed Black Mask in retaliation.

The first thing the Black Mask did when he was revived as a Black Lantern was to get back at Catwoman through Maggie. He found her and threatened to kill her, but Selina managed to save her with help from Harley and Ivy. Maggie, however, escaped, still blaming her sister for Simon's death and her condition.

She became convinced that her sister was possessed by a "Cat Demon". Donning a nun habit and various weapons, Maggie, now as Sister Zero, seeks to save her sister's soul.




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