Magdalene Kyle is the sister of Selina Kyle.

Maggie Kyle was born into a broken household and the sister of Selina Kyle, the costumed thief known as the Catwoman. Their abused mother slit her wrists and the father died due to his drinking habit when they were young.[1]

The two sisters took very different paths in life. Maggie grew up to be a nun and disapproved of Selina's criminal life as well as costume, but kept in contact with her. Eventually, she would leave sisterhood and marry Simon Burton.[2]

Black Mask in order to get to Catwoman, however killed Simon and fed Maggie his eyeballs which drove her insane. Selina later left her to be cared for in the Golden State Psychiatric Hospital of Villa Hermosa.[2][3]

After Raina Creel's henchmen tried to inject her to get to Selina who had moved to Villa Hermosa, Selina took her to stay at Fort Knox Self Storage, with Carlos Ayala and Aunt Linda.[3][4]

After Selina decided to leave Villa Hermosa, she took Maggie with her. The two travelled from city to city, with Selina robbing people for a living, before they finally ended up back in Gotham together.[5]


  • Mental Illness: Due to the mental trauma she experienced, she stopped responding to external stimuli most of the time.[2] She eventually recovered, but still stays silent much of the time.[5]



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