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Maggie is a honorary Amazon. She does not have any super powers.[1]

Maggie is a young woman who worked on the waitstaff at the Old Ebbitt Grill in Washington, DC.

She befriended three individuals who have been cast out from Themyscira following Ares' rebirth: Cadmus, Damon, and Eirene.[2] After inviting the trio to leave the restaurant with her following a brief skirmish, she was invited to accompany them on a journey to Rocky Mountain National Park in an attempt to help the exiles seek refuge from the perils of city life.[3]

Through her journey, she found the long lost sword of Antiope and is obligated to return it.[4] However, Antiope didn't take it and chose her to wield it. Because of her act of braveness and loyalty, she was given an opportunity to be an Amazon.[1]

She was present during this event, where she defended the Themyscira alongside Diana and Antiope. Maggie was beaten up by her opponent, but was saved by Antiope. Grail threatened her, intended to escape and knocked her out temporarily.[5]

Loveless and Wild Hunt

Aphrodite's death led peoples' heart to be cold, which left Diana's sense to fade.[6] She visited the Man's World to investigate, instead she saw Atlantiades and motivated her to replace the Goddess of Love.[7]

While wandering in Themyscira, she and her fellow Amazons was hunted by Cheetah, only she was able to keep up with the Cheetah momentarily.[8] However, her sword was no much to the Godkiller, but was able to last until Diana came to save them.[9]

The Four Horsewomen

The portal between Man's World and Themyscira is vulnerable, Devastation and Armageddon are defeated by Donna before they could break in.[10] However, Warmaster has entered the atmosphere of Themyscira along with Genocide. The group of Amazons defended the island, but they are no match against Genocide, as its strength draw equal to Diana's. Maggie attacked Genocide, but instead the sword was pointed at Maggie's throat. Until Donna came to bind and compel Genocide to remain calm.[11]




  • Antiope's Sword: Maggie received the sword that granted her knowledge of Antiope's battle experience.[4] It was slightly damaged during her clash with the Cheetah.[8] However, Orana restored it.[12]
  • Shield



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