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A sub-race of naturally magic-wielding humans are called Homo Magi. They are naturally adept at magic, since many humans possess the Homo Magi gene because of their relationships in the distant past. These humans can learn to use indirect magic by performing rituals, but pure Homo Mag

Quote1 I must perform a deeper analysis, but I see this power you harness is in reality the scraps of creation. Like the random errors in computer code, discarded and forgotten... left to be picked up and used by those who also find themselves discarded and forgotten. Quote2
Doctor Manhattansrc

Magic is a natural, primal force able to influence events and beings without recourse to the physical world.


New Earth

A sub-race of naturally magic-wielding humans are called Homo Magi. They are naturally adept at magic, since many humans possess the Homo Magi gene because of their relationships in the distant past. These humans can learn to use indirect magic by performing rituals, but pure Homo Magi or their direct descendants can use direct magic. They have existed for as long as the human race, but due to their special abilities, they did not expand as the Homo Sapiens did. Eventually, they began to interbreed with normal humans, resulting in many generations of Homo Magi/Homo Sapiens hybrids.[1]

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Prime Earth


The first Lords of Order and Chaos, magical beings representing both the cosmic forces of order and chaos, were first created shortly after the Big Bang from the Source. They were the first race to be created in the universe, predating both Old Gods and New Gods alike.[2]

During the dawn of time, magic was raw and surrounded the still-forming Multiverse. Though the domain in which it surrounded would later be named the Sphere of the Gods, its early beginning happened before the known existence of gods. Two beings were then created within this region of the Multiverse; the girl who would later be known as Hecate and Upside-Down Man, whom resided and was tied to the Dark Multiverse. Fearing the being's power, Hecate formed a barrier between the Multiverse and the Dark Multiverse to prevent its influence in her residing region of the Multiverse. Eventually, Hecate visited Earth 0, the center of the Multiverse, where she watched humanity grow and gifted them with magic. In turn, it is believed that humanity's belief affected the Sphere of the Gods, creating other pantheons of gods. These pantheons gave her the name Hecate, meaning "far off" and some attempted to win her favor. Because the rules of reality were becoming stricter, Hecate was transformed from the Maiden (an innocent and optimistic child) to the Mother (a more responsible version of the Maiden). Eventually, she would accept a place within the Gods of Olympus and took the hand of Greek god, Hades. Despite being Zeus's superior, she was expected to adhere to their vision for the pantheon.[3]

However, there were some men and women who recognized Hecate's greater power and sought to supplant themselves as beings capable of enforcing their own version of order. Mimicking the incantations witnessed from her visits, they managed to summon and bind her. Torturing her with their demands, Hecate hoped that her adopted pantheon would come to rescue her. Ultimately, she was betrayed when Hades came to give a simple message: he had found a new bride in the form of Persephone, and that the Gods of Olympus no longer recognized her as one of their own. Angered at such betrayal, she felt the very presence of the Upside-Down Man for the first time in an eternity. With all her might and fury, she reached through the veil of the Multiverse and into the Dark Multiverse, pulling a piece of that form of magic and bestowed that onto those who subjugated her. Although she fulfilled their wishes, she had given them magic from a darker source that would corrode and destroy them from the inside.[3][4]

Some of these beings would be counted among the Lords of Order. Her betrayal would also cause her to take on a new aspect of herself, the Crone (her hatred incarnate), and unleash this form of magic to mankind.[3][4]

Ancient Eras

Bestowed with the power they sought, many of the Lords of Order would come to realize that their power corroded and ate them from the inside, forcing them to withdraw their consciousness into enchanted artifacts to facilitate their continued survival.[4] Due to this, the Lords of Order began learning and then teaching methods to guide and control this magical power, tools of languages, mystic items capable of controlling such power like wands and staves, rules, and counterbalances. This would create a "Magic of Order".[5]

Modern Era

The Gauntlet

 Main article: Secret Six: The Gauntlet

Secret Six Vol 4 7 Textless

Black Alice draining magic.

Following the Secret Six showdown with the Riddler, Black Alice mysteriously passed out, and Ralph Dibny takes her to hospital. Alice had become a problem to the magical community, draining their magic and crippling their ability to defend the White Gate that prevented eldritch cosmic deities from invading and destroying Earth. Concerned about how she affected the arcane network, a gathering of magic users led by Doctor Occult debated on what should be done about her, and even though eliminating her seemed to be the most rational option, Klarion proposed an alternative; exiling her to Limbo for eternity. A failed attempt to capture her was made by Klarion, CheetahFelix Faust and Black Orchid, and that, along with a group of cultists who called themselves the Children of Arion tricking the rest of his team into believing that the four columns that composed the White Gate had to be destroyed to save Alice, drove Big Shot and the others to unwittingly start awakening the dark gods.[6][7][8][9]

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A New Age of Magic

 Main articles: Justice League Dark: The Last Age of Magic and Justice League Dark: Lords of Order

After the Justice League fought the threat of the Omega Titans, the Source Wall was broken with many consequences that shook the foundations of the Multiverse itself. The dimension of magic was different, almost troubled, after the battle with the Titans, especially since the Tree of Wonder appeared in the city of Salem.

When Mordru gave both Wonder Woman and Zatanna power over Chaos, he transformed them in Lords of Chaos. Reuniting with the Justice League Dark, who was meanwhile in a conflict against the Lords of Order, Diana and Zatanna gave to their comrades the same powers they obtained from Mordru and thanks to them, they defeated Nabu and his allies.[10][11]

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A power in which allows for manipulation over creation, in order to practice magic, a person must become aware of magic and understand that magic itself and understand that magic can be shaped at will. A person's ability to do so is considered magic sensitivity, a topic considered subjective and difficult to grasp even with other sorcerers.[12]

Spells used for magic possess two competencies; an external and internal component. The external component refers to an incantation, rune, or a combination of the two similar to a mathematical formula in which binds two previously attempted spells to achieve a desired result. The external component is considered the easier aspect to understand, requiring a certain level of research.[12] The internal aspect refers to the component in which represents the desire to rewrite reality and is considered the most difficult component to achieve when performing magic.[12]

Renown Magic Users

Sorcerer Supremes

Jennifer Morgan 003

Jennifer Morgan, Sorceress Supreme of Skartaris.

A Sorcerer Supreme (alternatively "Sorceress Supreme" or "Supreme Sorceress") is a title attributed to an individual who claims to be the most powerful practitioner of magic known. The responsibilities associated with the title of Sorcerer Supreme may vary depending on the location. The first documented usage of the title can be traced back to Warlord Vol 1 #28, published in 1979.

In ancient Skartaris (known then as Wizard World), the Sorcerer Supreme held the position of the most potent magic user within that dimension and served as an affiliate of the Wizard Kings of the Seven Cities. Initially, the dark Wizard Wralf held the title of Sorcerer Supreme until his demise at the hands of the time-displaced Warlord, Travis Morgan.[13] Following his death, numerous candidates attempted to ascend to the throne but found themselves targeted by an ominous entity referred to as the Evil One.[14]

Elemental Avatars

The Swamp Thing Vol 1 11 Textless Hotz Variant

Levi Kamei, the current Swamp Thing and Avatar of the Green.

The Elemental Avatars are physical representations of various elemental forces on Earth, granting them power over their purview from one of the Parliments. As dictated by the Parliament of Life, each of the Parliments and its avatars are bound to uphold a balance of life, death, and magic in the world through their represented purview although, despite this, some of the Parliments secretly plot against one another for supremacy.[20]

Current Avatars

Doctor Fates

 Main article: Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate Prime Earth 001

Doctor Fate of the present and past.

Doctor Fate, also sometimes called simply Fate, are powerful sorcerers and/or sorceresses whom have inherited the mantle and artifacts associated with Doctor Fate: the Helmet of Fate, Amulet of Anubis, and the Cloak of Destiny. Ordinarily patronized by Nabu and the Lords of Order, those whom have been chosen as Doctor Fate often supernatural threats and beyond, their opponents often being the Lords of Chaos.[22][23]

While there have been numerous Doctor Fates, some are distinguished in being among the most powerful sorcerers on Earth. Others are also patronized by other entities.

Champions of Shazam

Batman Superman World's Finest Vol 1 13 Textless Shazam! Fury of the Gods Movie Variant

The Shazam Family, a group of Champions of Magic.

The Champions of the Wizard Shazam (sometimes called the Champions of Magic, Champions of Shazam, Keeper of Magic or simply Champion) are a legacy of heroes and villains whom are typically associated with the aforementioned entity known as Shazam. The responsibilities and abilities of the Champions are dependent on continuity with each Wizard Shazam, while being the same entity, bearing different backgrounds. On Prime Earth, the Champion's benefactor is Mamaragan, a powerful thunder god of Australian Aboriginal origin and leader of the Council of Eternity, a council of magic users created by the Presence based at the Rock of Eternity whom protected the world, presided over supernatural matters by judging the guilty for their sins,[27] and were defenders of one of the Seven Magiclands until their demise by Black Adam. Mamaragan has since worked to re-create a new iteration of the Council by selecting his successor to his seat, whom will then select six others. The newest iteration of the Council is prophesized to be the Shazam Family.[28]

Other famous magic users

Infamous Magic Users

Suicide Squad Vol 5 38 Textless Variant

The Enchantress, one of the most dangerous magic villains on Earth.

Deities & Entities of Magic

  • Hecate - Greek Goddess of Magic, Witchcraft, and Necromancy[33]
  • Calculha - Atlantean God & Beneign Master of All That is Pure in Magical Arts[34]
  • Thoth - Egyptian God of Magic, Moon, and Writing

Types of Magic

Core Magic Systems
Image Name Description Notable user(s)
Justice League Dark Vol 2 9 Textless Order Magic A type of magic that carries risks of internal corrosion or costs for the user. To enable its practice without immediate consequences, governing entities of magic have developed various magical systems. Most forms of magic, including limited-use magic, magic channeled through enchanted objects, and pentagrams, fall under this category.[4] Doctor Fate
Lords of Order
Justice League Dark Vol 2 11 Textless Chaos Magic A rare form of magic practiced exclusively by the Lords of Chaos, who are the cosmic opposites and enemies of the Lords of Order. Unlike ordinary magic wielders, chaos magic does not have cost or require specific methods such as pentagrams, sigils, chants, or rules to initiate spells. Instead, it is cast solely based on the user's will.[4] Lords of Chaos
Arion Prime Earth 01 Atlantean Magic A form of magic practiced by inhabitants of Atlantis. Atlantean magics has multiple origin points in which includes Darkworld, the wellspring for the Gods of Atlantis,[35] and the Rock of Eternity.[36][4] Atlantean magic typically is powered by belief, will, and faith within Atlantis itself.[37] Atlanteans
Homo Magi
Gods of Atlantis
Shazam! Vol 5 1 Textless Timms Variant Living Lightning Living Lightning is a system of magic granted by the Wizard Shazam, with variations depending on continuity. It draws power from the Rock of Eternity. On Prime Earth, it involves spells and magic used by former members of the Council of Eternity. Users can manipulate arcane forces, casting spells with diverse effects. Verbal recitation is essential, with some spells activated by saying "Shazam".[38] The Wizard
Shazam Family
Black Marvel Family
Constantine Vol 1 1 Textless Black Magic Also known as "dark magic" or "chaotic magic",[39] Black magic dangerous and malevolent type that is known to come at a high cost to its practitioner.[40] Enchantress/June Moone
House of Felix
John Constantine

Atlantean Magic

Prime Earth Atlantean Magic
Image Name Description Notable user(s)
Kadaver (Prime Earth) 0002 Coral-Form Manipulation Atlantean-styled magic typically used by the Artisans Guild to super grow structures by manipulating coral.[41] Kadaver
Crown of Thorns 0001 Crown of Thorns Considered the oldest of Atlantean defensive sorcery, it is a powerful defensive barrier surrounding Atlantis to ward off invasion. Its usage is considered controversial to both the Atlanteans and their ancestors, the Homo Magi due to the dangers it presents from the abundance of magic required to maintain it.[42] Silent School
Silent School 0001 Silent Craft The form of magic practiced by members of the Silent School of Atlantis, one of Atlantis' most prestigious and prominent schools of Atlantean sorcery.[43] Tempest; Silent School
Atlantean Defense Magic Atlantean-styled magic suited for defense.[42] Atlanteans
New Earth Atlantean Magic
Image Name Description Notable user(s)
Bmirian sorcery A type of magic on in which is practiced by the ancient school of Atlantean magic, the Conclave of B'Mira. Existing even since the time of Arion, among the magics practiced in B'Mira is elemental magic. However, to some, its style of magic is considered outdated over a century ago by the time the Justice League was active in the world.[44] Atlanteans

Order Magic

A form of magic in which usage can corrode a magic user from the inside or come with a "cost", requiring powerful entities governing magic to adopt various magical systems to allow its practice without immediate consequence to the user. Most forms of magic fall under this category, including magic that is limited in use, magics focused through enchanted objects, and pentagrams,[4]

  • Logomancy: Also known as "backward magic", it is magic that allows creating an effect by speaking backward.[45]
  • Blood magic: A type of magic that uses blood as a conduit for casting spells, incantations, and even other forms of magic.[46]
  • Source Magic: A potent form of magic that draws its power from The Source itself. This form of magic powers the Otherkind of the Dark Multiverse.[47]
  • Sigil: A form of magic in which an inscribed or painted symbol invokes an effect.[48]

Magic of Shazam

  • Seven Spells of Shazam: An unknown set of spells possessed by Mamaragan; these seven spells are within an unknown artifact.[49]
  • Size Altering Spell: A spell that can shrink or enlarge the spell-caster by reciting "Big and tall. Short and small. Subtraxerin! Shazam!".[38]
  • Soul Separating Spell: A spell that can separate a person's soul/astral self into the Darklands by citing "Novis Fulgur. Tenebris Eorum Imperium."[50]
Living Lightning
Shazam Family 002

The Living Lightning's Sharing Spell in action.

The Living Lightning Spell (sometimes just called the Living Lightning or the Power of Shazam) is the magical lightning in which bestows the powers of the Champions by transforming the individual into their mental and physical peak, granting them their full potential; with children, this transforms them into an adult form. This also grants the user aspects of powers based upon various divine entities, decided by the benefactor of said Living Lightning Spell.[51] This system also comes with the requirement that each god's given name must make up the of the corresponding SHAZAM acronym.[52]

The Living Lightning includes a safeguard against those who seek to abuse their power outright: those who steal the power unceremoniously from the chosen Champion are unable to fully utilize the power granted and experience both immense pain and internal damage until the user relinquishes the power or is killed as a result.[53]

On Prime Earth, Champions whom are chosen as Mamaragan's direct successors (Billy Batson and Teth Adam) are imbued with the power permanently, with them unable to be depowered by him although those whom are empowered by a successor's sharing spell can be depowered by his hand.[54]

  • Sharing Spell: The Sharing spell refers to the magic in which allows a chosen Champion to share their power with others. A prerequisite of the power includes that the one whose power is to be shared with must be seen as family (biologically, found, otherwise) to be used. The sharing spell's effectiveness is also based upon the chosen Champion of Shazam's regard for their sense of family.[55]

Other Magics

  • Soul magic: A type of magic that is powered by the souls of others; it allows its user to view one's aura, manipulate the soul to reveal knowledge within another, steal the powers of others, and recharge mana by grazing through other's souls. The Faust family line are notable practitioner, as it requires a user to have either no soul or a tattered soul and to be demonically empowered to cast.[44]
  • Demonic magic: A form of magic usually used by demons. Working through the corruption of one's will in order to overpower and subdue, it can be resisted.[56]
  • Egyptian magic: A magic system that originated from Egypt. The magic of Egypt allows the wielder to invoke and channel the power of past Egyptian gods and mystical beings of lore within its spells for a variety of effects.
  • Elemental magic: Also called "elementism", it is a form of magic that deals with manipulating the natural elements of earth, wind, fire, and water.[44]
    • Air magic: Magic that allows for the manipulation of air.[44]
    • Earth magic: Magic that allows for the manipulation of earth.[44]
    • Fire magic: Magic that allows for manipulation of fire.[44]
    • Water magic: Magic that allows for manipulation of water.[44]
  • Techno-alchemy: A unique system of magic that uses technology and alchemy to replicate and utilize actual magic at will. Elphius Levi is credited as its creator and uses "computer mysticism" and electricity as a conduit between the physical and metaphysical realm. With sourced lipids, exorcisms can be performed.[57]
  • Adaptive Magic: A form of magic designed to adapt to any attack from every known science, force, and element on Earth. This allows its users to intuitively learn new spells to adapt to any current situation.[58]
  • Lazarus Magic: A form of magic that is fueled by the use of Lazarus Pits or consumption of Lazarus Resin.[59] The primary use of this type of magic is to grant its user immortality, however there is an entire spell book of this magic, written by Rúh al Ghul. The Lazarus Demon was the physical embodiment of the Lazarus Magic, however it was eventually killed.[60]
  • Metamancy: A form of magic that allows the user to transcend the laws of magic, allowing them to turn any idea into reality, as well as transcend the Fourth Wall. This form of magic comes at a high cost, requiring rigorous blood sacrifice.[61]
  • Sympathetic magic: A form of magic based on imitation or correspondence. It allows the user to magically affect others through actions performed towards something that represents them.[62]
  • Tulpa Magic: A form of magic that allows its user to create "thoughtforms", also known as Tulpas and Egregores. These thought forms are magic constructs generated by the users' thoughts and can act of their own will.[63]


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