Naiad was a Water Elemental and enemy of Swamp Thing.

Mai Miyazaki was a Japanese environmentalist who was murdered by operatives of the Shogun Oil Company. While protesting at a Shogun Oil drilling rig in the sea off the coast of Alaska, she was set on fire by a Shogun Oil employee under orders from his superior. The employee who deliberately fires a flare gun into the oil spill surrounding her dingy. Mai died but was reborn as the Water Elemental Naiad. She destroys the drilling rig but oil and other chemicals which spill into the waters poison her, and drive her mad. Enraged and out of control Naiad attacks Firestorm because he is the incarnation of fire, and the last thing she remembers is death by fire.

Swamp Thing begins looking for Firestorm because his attempts to terraform and heal an African desert valley which ended up mutating and scarring the "Green". Firestorm is able to temporarily calm a mindless Naiad and a discorporate Red Tornado, both of whom were being pushed to attack humanity due to pain being caused them by poisons in the air and water, they believed the only way to "heal the planet" was by eliminating humanity. Naiad and the Red Tornado discover that no elemental can attack another elemental directly, so they use earth to bury Firestorm underwater and head for Japan intending to terminate the island nation's entire population.

A drowning Firestorm is apparently contacted in a vision by Maya the "Earth Mother" who tells him that she created the "Four Elementals" to both guard her body and inspire mankind. She tells him that the job of an Elemental is to force mankind to evolve and leave their homeworld, she supports the actions of Naiad and the Red Tornado. Firestorm is saved from drowning by the Swamp Thing, according to Swamp Thing Firestorm's transmutation powers weaken the cellular makeup of matter, making it unstable. So at the Swamp Thing's request he burns the blighted plantlife he created in an African valley. Swamp Thing and Firestorm head to Tokyo intent on stopping their fellow elementals.

The attack on Tokyo by Naiad and Red Tornado is halted by Swamp Thing forming a shield over the city out of his body. Firestorm increases his body mass by absorbing heat and flames until he is the same expanded size as the other three elementals. During a pause in the battle he recounts his meeting with Maya to the other elementals. Naiad agrees to forego her attack and leaves, and Firestorm creates a new corporeal body for the Red Tornado.

Later, Naiad attempted to get revenge on Shogun Oil, but was stopped by Superman and the Spectre.

She also fought an intermediate fire elemental named Corona. Corona is the mother of Aquaman's son Koryak, and apparently became the Earth's fire elemental while Martin Stein was traveling through outer space.





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