Maiden America was a member of a military post-human team, called Paul Revere and the Sons of Liberty during the Second World War. She is basically like the propaganda figure Rosie the Riveter but only "after a secret experiment or two." Up until their deal with Henry Bendix, all members of this team were age ninety and beyond, and stationed in various retirement homes across the US.

Rejuvenated, Maiden America joined with the Sons of Liberty started America's rebellion against the Authority's rule. Though, Maiden America was concerned of their actions when having innocent people being killed in the crossfire. The Sons of Liberty attacked more cities over the coming days, such as Chicago, Kansas City, and Minneapolis. The team ultimately fought against the Authority in Washington, D.C. where Maiden America fought Midnighter until being re-aged by Bendix. Which she then died from heart failure.



  • Steel hammer



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