Majestrate was the son of Mister Majestic.

On Earth

Hs father took him with him on his journey to Earth but unfortunately his body did not survive landing on the planet.

After centuries his father decided to build a new body in which he could unload the mind of his son, bringing him back to life, the process was a success and so Mejestrate could finally embrace his father and join him in the fight against crime thanks to the powers that now he possessed thanks to his own synthetic body.

Unfortunately, the process that brought him back to life required a substance called pre-dimensional quasi-matter taken from his father in the Otherspace, which caused a singularity that put the planet at risk.

Realizing that the only thing that could prevent the destruction of the Earth was the "star stuff" used to bring it back to life Majestrate decided to sacrifice himself to save the planet.



  • Indomitable Will: Despite being just a kid and knowing he would not survive, Majestrate decided to save the world and faced death without fear.



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