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Dark Majistra was an evil Atlantean deity, a Goddess of Darkness and Force of Strife. She is the wife of Calculha, the God of Light and Master of the Gods of Atlantis, and mother of Ahr'iahn and Garn Daanuth.

Born on Earth[4], she and Calculha met during his reign as Mage-King and they fell in love with one another, as their affiliation between light and darkness brought balance and harmony. She would give birth to their twin sons, Arion and Garn.[5] However, their relationship became strained and dissolved when she was influenced by a demon from Darkworld, taking Garn into her care while leaving Arion with Calculha.[6]

Over 100,000 years ago, Majistra was representative of Mu, a city-state in Atlantis, and part of a conclave of twelve mages and a fierce political rival of Calculha. Having raised her son in the dark arts, she conspired to take control of the Zodiac Crystals and bring about a new age of magic in which darkness reigned supreme. When opposed by her husband and youngest son, she engaged him in a deadlock while Arion and Garn, unaware of their relation to one another, battled. When Majistra managed to gain control of the Zodiac Crystals, Arion launched himself into the magical flow, usurping control and vaporizing her to Darkworld in between time and space, making her unable to act. [7]

Despite her limited ability to interact with most of the physical world, she managed to make contact with Garn and used her magics to influence Atlantis into favoring her elder son instead of Arion. This enabled Garn to nearly take control of Atlantis in return for freeing Majistra from Darkworld. When Arion confronted his brother once more and sent him to Darkworld, he and Calculha revealed that Garn had no intention of returning Majistra to Earth. Though angered at first, she pleads with Calculha to save Garn as Arion casts a spell to have Darkworld claim his twin's body and soul. When Garn is supposedly taken in by Darkworld for eternity, she curses Calculha and holds him responsible for Garn's "death", believing him to be dead.[8]

Magic Odyssey

To extract her revenge on Arion for causing her imprisonment in Darkworld and for killing Garn, she enlists the aid of Lady Chian's former lover and dark mage. Destroying the last of his crystals, she has Tomokata lure a depowered Arion to Hoshan on a false quest of re-attaining his lost magical might by seeking the negative gemstone from Darkworld.[9] When Arion arrives in Darkworld, she ambushes her young son and takes hold of his gemstone.[10]

With the gemstone in hand, she reveals her sinister hand in his "quest" and works to use the gem to siphon power from Darkworld and Arion and enable herself to escape from Darkworld. However, she is confronted by Jheryl and she and Arion battle the goddess. Having gained the "Mystic Eye" and able to derive her magics from Darkworld, she defeats Jheryl. To her surprise, Jheryl's battle was to stall her while the Weaver would return Arion's magic. Engaging her son, she is quickly defeated as he kills her by splitting her apart. In a last attempt to gain revenge, she releases the essence of evil from her soul.[4]

Although dead, her last action in releasing her evil soul onto the Earth from Darkworld served to empower evil magic that was already present on Earth.[11]


  • Power Absorption: Majistra is capable of draining magic from other sources such as the Zodiac Crystals to empower herself.[7]
  • Dark Magic:Majistra's power lies in her mastery in the Atlantean dark arts. Her mastery of dark magic makes her powerful enough to engage the most powerful of Darkworlds gods, Calculha in a deadlock.[7]
    • Force Field: Majistra can create a force field made up of dark magic to protect herself.[4]
    • Darkness Manipulation: Her primary source of magic origins from darkness itself and as such, can control darkness.[7]
    • Eldritch Blast: Majistra can project beams of magic at her opponents.[7]
    • Size Alteration: Majistra can increase her size, making herself a giant.[4]
    • Senses Dampening: Majistra's magic is capable of dampening other's powers of insight, as it allowed Garn Daanuth to be seen as good to Arion's powers of insight.[12]
    • Darkworld Empowerment: After stealing Arion's Gemstone and draining some of its mystic power, Majistra was able to utilize the magic within Darkworld. With Darkworld as its source, she gained the "Mystic Eye" which symbolizes its power and was powerful enough to defeat Jheryl in mystic combat.[4]


  • Occultism: Majistra is extremely knowledgeable in dark magic.[7]


  • Vulnerability to White Magic: Majistra's entire being and power is vulnerable to powerful forms of White Magic, having been utterly defeated and killed in two separate altercations with her son, Arion, a powerful practitioner of white magic.[7][4]
  • No Physical Body: When Majistra once briefly consolidated the Zodiac Crystals as a means to further empower herself, Arion managed to use his magics to utterly vaporize her into a part of Darkworld that left her between space and time, unable to physically interact in the real world or even parts of Darkworld.[8]