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Mala is a member of Amazons of Amazonia and the city of New Athena's undefeated, crowned and conquering champion with the title Wonder Woman of Amazonia.

Princess Diana, Mala's lover, considers her as the greatest of the Wonder Women.

During the games of the Festival of Diana (throughout the three nights of Diana's Moon or Huntress Moon), Princess Diana bested Mala — when she, pretending to be Hercules in the game, was supposed to yield to Mala in loving submission —, becoming the new Wonder Woman of Amazonia under protests from other Amazons (because Diana's native abilities far surpass those of her sisters Amazons).

Hippolyta's daughter demanded as a tribute for victory and as a gift for being her birthday (since Diana was born on the Day of Diana, the moon goddess) Mala's Swan Plane. Mala was never defeated in millennia. Before her and Diana, only Artemis and Troia — the contenders from New Sparta, New Athena's sister city — won the games.

Finding out later that Diana wanted the Swan Plane to take Air Force pilot Steven Trevor out of Paradise Island, who had crashed onto their shores with his plane, and know the Man's World, Mala tried to dissuade her, but Diana refused to answer. Diana broke with tradition, she rejected her and took her title and her plane. This all made her very upset.

Further on, Hippolyta sent Mala, Nubia, Troia and Artemis — and the Gorgon Medusa — to the United States of America in search for Diana, to force her to return to Paradise Island and face the trial for her misdemeanor — for which Mala would be called as one of the witnesses.

To Mala's surprise, Diana agreed to surrender to her lover and to go back home, with the intention of showing Hippolyta their duty to improve the lives of women everywhere, that the time had came for them to share their great culture with the world.[2]

One thousand years in the future

Mala became one of the members of the Council of Presidents in the world-wide Republic of Harmonia on Gaia in the 31st century.[1]