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Malachi Throne (b. December 1, 1928 – d.March 13, 2013) portrayed False Face on the television series Batman. He appeared in two episodes, "True or False Face" and "Holy Rat Race". For the part of False Face, Thorne wore a plastic mask in place of the different facial makeups that had originally been planned. Unfortunately, the mask came out as a horrible burn face when photographed. Throne played only one scene without the plastic mask, which was part of "True or False Face", where False Face is disguised as the armored car driver.

During a contract disagreement, and because he was unhappy with the finished product, Throne requested that his name be withdrawn from the credits. The producers agreed to this, but pointed out that they reserved the right to use his name. For "True Or False Face", a question mark appeared in the "Special Guest Villain" billing in the opening and closing credits where Throne's name should have been. For "Holy Rat Race", the question mark "Special Guest Villain" billing was retained for the opening credits while Throne was given the final billing on the closing credits.[1]

Decades later, Throne would voice The Judge for the animated series The New Batman Adventures, Fingers the Gorilla for the animated series Batman Beyond and Ranakar for animated film Green Lantern: First Flight.

Pictured: Malachi Throne as False Face from the Batman episode "Holy Rat Race"

Work History

Acting Credits

Batman 1966-1968 False Face
     "True or False Face" March 9, 1966 False Face
     "Holy Rat Race" March 10, 1966 False Face
It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superman (TV special) February 21, 1975 Boss
The New Batman Adventures 1997-1999 The Judge
     "Judgment Day" October 31, 1998 The Judge
Batman Beyond 1999-2001 Fingers
     "Speak No Evil" November 4, 2000 Fingers
Green Lantern: First Flight July 28, 2009 Ranakar

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