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During World War II, British Lieutenant Henry Lake fought Japanese forces in Malaysia.

Malaysia is a country in southeast Asia.


New Earth

During World War II, British Lieutenant Henry Lake fought Japanese forces in Malaysia.[1]

In the 1950s, Congo Bill tracked a criminal haven to a resort underneath a faux rubber plantation in Malaysia run by Jason Brock. Causing an explosion, he alerted authorities to the location and they raided the criminal resort.[2]

The Monitor sent the mercenary Spear to kill Farentino, a debtor hiding out in Malaysia.[3]

After Team 7 disbanded, Amanda Waller took a "permanent vacation" to Malaysia. Staff Sergeant Lawrence Duren tracked her down to a bar to tell her about Regulus and the terrorist organization Basilisk. They planned to set off a weapon of mass destruction in less than 24 hours. Waller and Duren tracked down Basilisk member Pete Wu and found that the weapon was in Meleka.

Waller confronted Regulus who revealed that the weapon was not a bomb, but a device designed to create Metahumans for Basilisk to make an army of. The weapon went off, but instead of creating metahumans, it horrifically mutated all caught in its blast, including Duren. Waller had no choice but to kill him. It is unknown what happened to the other residents of Meleka, but the experience pushed Waller to create the Suicide Squad.[4]

Dick Grayson and Matron confronted Christophe Tanner, a fight breaking out between them. The encounter ended atop a bridge with Grayson failing to appeal to Tanner and needing to be rescued.[5]

In an attempt by the Brain to control the weather patterns of the world, he sent a typhoon to Malaysia where Batman dispatched Wonder Woman to fight it. She quickly realized that the disaster was targeting her specifically.[6]


In the late 1930s, a band of Malay river pirates captured Tom Brent and part of his crew on the Little Johore River, with the help of two "white renegades" named Barrows and Knopf, both of whom were killed by their own erstwhile allies. When Knopf and Barrows' boss arrived on the scene, Brent fought his way aboard his airplane, and flew to get help in rescuing the others.[7]


In the 1940s, Malay pirates attacked a schooner and killed the entire crew before sailors Lance O'Casey and Mike Bellew could arrive. On Komodo Island in Indonesia, more Malay pirates attacked them, employed by Captain Cutthroat.[8] O'Casey and Bellew survived the encounter.


Jimmy Olsen questions why Lex Luthor would surrender the Green Lantern Ring to Green Light, and Luthor explains that it would only work for those with an indomitable will, a trait Hal Jordan displayed when he crashed in Malaysia in 1983. He was captured, tortured, and nearly starved for four years. He eventually returned to America.[9]

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