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 The Malazza-Rem was an alien race of highly superstitious reptiles from another world, they came to Earth to claim it as part of their territory for them to terrorize. They thought that Earth would be just another easy conquest for them, but they were opposed by the Super Seven.


What they didn't expect was that the world's greatest heroes were extremely powerful. They had to come up with tactics to take down the metahuman population.

Although they were nearly defeated by the Justice League of America, the tide turned when the leader of the Horde, named Grend'll, decreed that one thousand civilians would be killed every time a metahuman was sighted.

And if a metahuman was to continue to resist, then five thousand more civilians were put to death. The Horde secured Coast City as their killing grounds for every time a metahuman was sighted or fought against them. Green Lantern didn't give up so easily though, he led a team of heroes to strike at the Malazza-Rem, which consisted of Azrael, Superman, Booster Gold and Bloodwynd.

They retook the city, but not before the Horde killed over seven million people. One of the victims of their mass murder was the famed Metropolis journalist Lois Lane. After this, Coast City came to be known as "Ghost City," a place where the people of Earth turned against their heroes, due to the loss of life that they expected them to protect.

Humans began hunting superhumans or anyone who wore a costume pretending to be a superhero. Even the governments of Earth supported the rest of Humanity in this venture, making it illegal for anyone to be a superhero, and all the while the Malazza-Rem conquered the world, reducing Humans to slave status.

During this time, the super powered heroes of Earth had not been heard of in quite some time, and no resistance was offered to the alien invaders, in fact humans had cooperated with them, until one day, all that changed. A Blackhawk stealth team struck a base that Kryll'n was located at. They weren't a superhuman team so it was believed it might go well, but it didn't. The entire team was wiped out, save for Lex Luthor, whose body was tossed into the streets to remind people what happened when they tried to defy the aliens. Luthor's body was badly injured, but he survived, and he was transformed into a version of Metallo that he preferred to call Metallex.

Nine years later, the world was still under occupation of the Malazza-Rem, as no resistance was attempted since the Blackhawk's revolt. Lana Lang became the Director of Human Relations, which put her in a position of respect and trust with the Malazza-Rem. Jimmy Olsen however, was attempting to rally people together to resist the Malazza-Rem again, but he was caught by one of them and nearly killed, but Lana Lang ordered them to stop, thereby saving his life.

Lana, who had been helping the resistance for some time; and Jimmy then began joining the old heroes together, starting with Superman at the Midwestern Farm Blocks. Superman busted out, and was reunited with Wonder Woman. In Texas, Batman attacked an oil refinery in his Batmobile, and he too joins up with the superheroes to make a last stand. Of course Batman tells them that that's what he had been doing the whole time. Batman wanted nothing to do with an alliance with them, thinking they'd just turn their backs on Earth just like the last time. Eventually, they recruited Flash, Green Lantern, Metallex, and Superboy, and even Batman finally changed his mind and joined the team as well to help them resist the tyranny of the Malazza-Rem, and retake their planet.

Powers and Abilities


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: Many of them had special weaponry that was surgically attached to their bodies.
  • Genetically-Enhanced Physiology: Some of them were apparently genetically altered to have antennae or horns and strange leaf-shaped appendages. Some didn't have legs, just a snake-like tail.
  • Claws: Many of their race also had extremely sharp claws.
  • Fangs: Their teeth was much like that of alligators.



Habitat: The Malazza-Rem were reptiles, so they likely functioned best in swamp-like ecosystems where the atmosphere was quite humid. Still, they were able to endure the various climates of Earth.
Gravity: Earth-like
Atmosphere: Earth-like
Population: Unknown


Level of Technology:


Cultural Traits:

Although they were warriors, they were usually regarded as highly superstitious and cowardly.


  • Grend'll
  • Kryll'n
  • Gyger

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