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Quote1.png Sweet Raven, you can't possibly hope to defeat me! I taught you everything you know! Quote2.png
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Malchior of Nol was an enemy of the Teen Titans.

1,000 years ago, Malchior was a large hulking, evil dragon. Malchior was challenged by the expert magician and wizard Rorek. When Malchior was about to kill the hero, Rorek used a curse to contain Malchior in a book for the rest of his life.

Present day, Malchior's book was among the ones in Raven's library. Raven enjoyed the book and, one day, Malchior began talking to Raven through the book. Instead of telling the truth about his identity as a dragon, Malchior said that he was the wizard, not the dragon. He and Raven bonded very well and the dragon taught Raven many dark magic spells.

After a week of learning spells, Raven freed Malchior from his book, only for her to discover his true dragon form. A battle took place between Malchior and the Teen Titans, but the heroes were unsuccessful.

Raven managed to defeat her deceptive friend by using the same curse Rorek used on Malchior that 1,000 years ago. Malchior became trapped back in the book. The hero then put Malchior's book inside her magic chest and never looked at it again.[1]

Raven's spell was not as successful as Rorek's, because Malchior managed to escape from his book. Malchior joined the Brotherhood of Evil in hopes of beating the Titans.

However, when the Titans discovered the Brotherhood's base in France, Malchior was among the many villains who were defeated by all the Titans. Malchior was sucked into another dimension by Herald.[2]


Malchior's paper-human form

  • Master Dark Magician: Malchior taught Raven hundreds of spells of dark magic, proving his mastery in dark magic.
  • Transformation: Malchior, when with the Brotherhood of Evil, has shown that he can transform from his paper-human form to his dragon form at will.[2]
  • Immortality: Malchior has lived for 1,000 years in his book and has not seemed to age a day.
  • Fire Breath: Malchior, being a giant dragon, can breath fire from his mouth.
  • Claws: Malchior has claws but rarely uses them. He ususually uses spells, fire breath, or his fangs.
  • Removable Limbs: In his paper-human form, Malchior is able to fall apart and reanimate his body parts at will.[1]
  • Teleport Objects: Although he cannot teleport himself, Malchior can teleport objects. He was able to teleport hundreds of books to Raven's room without effort.


  • Deception: Malchior fooled Raven into thinking he was the wizard Rorek. Raven was astonished to find that her friend had lied to her the entire time.


  • Dependency: Due to the curse that both Rorek and Raven put on him, Malchior must remain close to his book at all times.



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