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Formerly a member of StormWatch, Malcolm King later betrayed them and later still, became a member of his brother's new team, The Monarchy.

Malcolm King, was a latent superhuman (or "Seedling") who had never been activated until, while at a funeral, of all places, he and his brother Jackson King (better known as Battalion) were attacked by a terrorist group. Synergy, his brother's teammate with the power to imbue other beings with superhuman abilities, activated his latent superpowers. Afterwards he joined Stormwatch under the codename Strafe.

However later he was manipulated by his father, who was still alive and now called Despot, and his evil team the WarGuard and betrayed StormWatch. He spent time in a United Nations prison, disgraced, until later still when he was used by The Changers, a superhero team led by The High, to try and get useful information about Stormwatch. Eventually his brother Battalion used his potent psychic abilities to place Strafe into a coma.

Years later he was released by Agent Morrow, who was trying to track down his missing brother. As it turned out both were vital parts of The Monarchy's plan, and Morrow didn't even know it till now.

Now known as Bellerophon, Malcolm had merged with a Kheran Dream Machine -- an alien device capable of turning dreams and thoughts into reality.


  • Reality Alteration(Formerly): This is a massive step up from his original powers, which amounted to little more than energy manipulation. One can only speculate whether or not he retained these original powers as well. However, as the Dream Machine can make dreams a reality, even if not, he could possibly replicate them anyway.