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Malcolm Merlyn is a businessman of Earth-2 and the head of Queen-Merlyn Enterprises.

At some point in time, Merlyn had a son, Tommy with an unnamed woman. Years later, he also had an affair with Moira Queen from which it was born his daughter, Thea.

After Robert Queen and Oliver's disappearance in 2007, Merlyn grew closer to Moira and, eventually, married her. Their companis, the Queen Consolidated and the Merlyn Global Group, were merged into the Queen-Merlyn Enterprises and Merlyn became its head.

In 2019, the Monitor sent Earth-1 Oliver to Earth-2 in order to retriev dwarf star particles from the Queen-Merlyn Enterprises. Posing as Earth-2 Oliver, the Emerald Archer managed to infiltrate into the company but was stopped from the Dark Archer.

Believing him to be Merlyn, as on Earth-1, Queen menaced the billionaire but was later interrupted by the real supervillain. Later, Merlyn was interrogated by Dinah Drake, an associate of the real Dark Archer, to discover why Green Arrow came to him.

Malcolm Merlyn was erased from existence after Earth-2 was annihilated by an anti-matter wave which was sent by the Anti-Monitor to test his anti-matter cannon.[1]


  • Malcolm Merlyn is totally different from his Earth-1 counterpart as he never went evil and joined the League of Assassins. Because of this, he was still alive and lived a happy life with his new family, unlike on Earth-1.
    • This also follows the trend of Earth-1 villains being more sympathetic version of themselves on Earth-2.