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Quote1 Now The Brain has his new body and the cycle of conquest will begin anew. I realize I must put this business of 'Evil' behind me and move on. Quote2
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Monsieur Mallah is a petty but intelligent French gorilla fiercely loyal to the Brain. He acted as his assistant, and was a high-ranking member of the Brotherhood of Evil.

The Brotherhood of Evil

Trained and genetically modified by The Brain, a super-intelligent brain in a container, Mallah became a talking gorilla with the ability to speak French, and together they became great friends, creating a musical record. At some point, Mallah and Brain founded the Brotherhood of Evil, a criminal organization intent on world domination. In 1917, the duo stole the image of a time machine for their plans.[2][3][1]

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The Brotherhood of Evil

Over the years, Mallah and Brain gained a lair, rallying various villains to their cause including Garguax, the alien villain, and his assistant Samuelson, Heinrich Von Fuchs, the Nazi scientist, Eric Morden, an inventor, and Madame Rouge, a woman with shape-shifting powers. As Morden had useless inventions, including a giant robot, Mallah took his place in the organization, rejecting Morden as a member.[4][5][6]

In 1949, the Brotherhood sent Rouge in the time machine to ruin her enemy Niles Caulder's inventions in 2021 and sent Garguax and Samuelson to Codsville to kill Rita Farr, a famous actress. In the 1950s, Mallah and the Brotherhood once again clashed with Niles and the Doom Patrol, his team of superheroes. In 1957, the Brotherhood was defeated by the Doom Patrol, but Mallah and Brain managed to hide, giving Brain a new form, hiding out in Boca Raton, Florida, where they lived a life of retirement.[4][7][3]


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The Return of the Brotherhood

In 2021, Mallah received an unexpected visitor, which was Laura De Mille who tried to return to the Brotherhood, even though he said they were retired, but Brain agreed to let her in, much to Mallah's annoyance for just wanting a normal life. Mallah annoyed Laura with several swear words in French, causing an argument, and in order to get revenge for Caulder's creations, Brain ordered Mallah to fetch his weapons and reluctantly carried out his orders.

The Brotherhood's first mission was to send Laura to get Cliff Steele, a robotman with a human brain, to use as a new body for Brain. When Cliff was abducted from his residence, Mallah appeared to inject Laura, betraying her, and ripped Cliff's brain from his robotic body to put Brain into his new form. Mallah took Laura tied up next to Cliff's brain bowl to throw them off a precipice in a forest.[3]

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Leaving the "evil" in the past

Despite Brain's order, Mallah spent the afternoon smoking, debating whether to kill Laura until she woke up, and complained about her coming back, since Brain would return to villainy with his new body, which she didn't like because she wanted to leave. his villainous side in the past, thanking Laura for being the catalyst for his life change, and refused to release her because he knew she could do it on her own. Mallah got into his truck to leave for a new life while Laura insulted him.[2]


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