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Monsieur Mallah was a super-intelligent gorilla with a machine gun. He was a charter member of the Brotherhood of Evil, making him an enemy of the Doom Patrol. He often worked closely with his creator and eventual lover the Brain.


As a scientist, the man who would one day become known as the Brain experimented on animals to raise their intelligence. In one of his experiments, he captured a gorilla and raised its I.Q. to the genius level of 178.[2] He named the gorilla Monsieur Mallah and educated him for almost a decade, proving the philosopher René Descartes wrong that animals are mere automata. The scientist originally planned to implant his own brain within Mallah's body, but decided against it after bonding with the gorilla, eventually making him his personal assistant instead. [3]

The scientist's colleague Niles Caulder grew jealous of his work and arranged for the scientist to get caught in an explosion, which destroyed the scientist's body. However, the man's brain survived, and Caulder planned on putting it in a robot body as a way to control him. Mallah rescued the scientist however, taking his brain and transferring it to a computer network that kept it functioning.

Now known simply as "the Brain", the scientist and Mallah gathered together the criminal organization known as the Brotherhood of Evil in hopes of conquering the world and getting revenge on Niles Caulder.

Caulder, now known as the Chief, through a series of other accidents that he manipulated, would form the superhero group known as the Doom Patrol. Setting out to destroy the Chief's 'pets', the Brain, Mallah, and their Brotherhood became enemies of the Doom Patrol. Their criminal activities would also put them into opposition with the Teen Titans.

Romance and Tragedy

Love at last

At one point, after the Broterhood of Evil had gone dormant and the Doom Patrol had both broken up and reformed, Mallah and the Brain invaded Doom Patrol headquarters to exact revenge on the super team in their own home.

Coincidentally, the pair had arrived while the team was elsewhere, and Robotman's brain was left outside his robotic body for maintenance. Altering their plan, Mallah placed the Brain inside the robot body, giving his master appendages again. With a renewed sense of life, the Brain confessed to Mallah he was in love with him. Mallah revealed he felt the same way, and the two kissed.

However, Robotman's body had temporarily developed sentience due to a faulty Responsometer just before the criminals' break in. It had vowed never to be enslaved by a brain again, and, when Mallah placed his lover in the body, he accidentally triggered a self-destruct mechanism, which exploded as they kissed, seemingly killing both Mallah and the Brain. [3]


Due to fluctuations of the timeline, Mallah and the Brain resurfaced unscathed, and the Brain was returned to just an organ floating in a jar.

For a while, the Brotherhood raided genetic research facilities. Their plan was to unlock the secrets of cloning, in order to create a new body for the Brain, so he and Monsieur Mallah "[could] finally be happily ever after." [citation needed]

Ignominious End

 Main article: Salvation Run Vol 1

Grodd murders Mallah and Brain

As a means of trying to eradicate villainy through means beyond traditional jailing and execution, Checkmate elected to transport many of the world's supervillains to a planet lightyears away. The Brain and Mallah were included among the passengers.

Once there, Mallah attempted to make allies and proposed to Gorilla Grodd that, as fellow gorillas, the natural kings of the jungle, they should team up. Grodd laughed in Mallah's face for considering himself - an "absurd science experiment" - comparable to "a proud child of Gorilla City."

The two gorillas launched into a fight, with Mallah temporarily gaining the upper hand due still having his gun. However, Grodd still managed to beat his opponent and prepared to kill him with his bare hands before the Brain interjected, begging for his partner's life. Thinking better of it, Grodd picked the Brain up and beat Mallah to death with his lover, killing the Brain as well. As the light within him faded, Mallah said he would die happy, taking solace in that he and the Brain would finally be able to be together forever.




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