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Monsieur Mallah was the partner of the Brain and a member of the Brotherhood of Evil.


Mallah was once a normal gorilla until he was taken into captivity by humans. He was experimented on by a French[citation needed] scientist who gave him a human intellect and the two formed a lasting friendship. One night there was a fire in the lab set by jealous competitors and the kindly scientist was fatally injured. Using what the scientist taught him he was able to save the scientist's brain by placing it in a jar. From that day forth the pair held scorn for humans who had only ever harmed them. The pair became members of the Brotherhood of Evil calling themselves Monsieur Mallah and the Brain and the team came into contact with the Teen Titans and the Doom Patrol as low grade villains who weren't taken very seriously by their enemies. Eventually the Brotherhood disbanded but Mallah and the Brain continued waging war against humanity. [2]

Modern Villainy

Brain and Monsieur Mallah assisted Gorilla Grodd in taking over the remains of Central City at the time when The Black had taken over most of the world. They successfully captured Animal Man and the heroes that were with him until they were saved by Frankenstein and his Patchwork Army.[3]


  • Enhanced Intellect: After being experimented on by the Brain, Mallah was as intelligent as an above average human.
  • Gorilla Physiology: Gorillas are naturally more physically capable then humans.
    • Fangs: Gorillas' teeth are very sharp, capable of easily biting through flesh and bone.
    • Gorilla Strength: Gorillas are several times stronger then humans are.
    • Gorilla Durability: Gorillas are much tougher then humans.
    • Enhanced Sense of Smell: Gorillas have a greater sense of smell then humans, Mallah can smell pheromones.[2]




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